Bastille – Next Big Thing out of the UK?

So, I’ve not been staying up to date on the music scene nearly as much as I used to but had a listen to something I came across on Hype Machine the other day and think we may be on to a winner in Bastille. At the risk of sounding like a massive hipster (I’m kind of ok with it) I’ve been pretty successful at spotting/hearing good UK talent that I think has a global appeal/sound and that will catch on – so far best shouts being The XX and Mumford & Sons (having cited the Mumford & Sons album as the best album of 2009).

After a couple of days straight occupying the top spot as well as another top 5 spot on The Hype Machine’s popular chart (quite an accomplishment really) it seems like Bastille are already off to a strong start and with their first full length album out next year it looks like they’re in a strong starting position for a breakthrough 2012.

For those who don’t want to wait a year to hear what they have to offer you can check out a couple of their hits. The first, a cover of City High’s “What Would you Do?” (an absolute blast from the past) occupied the top spot the Hypem chart whilst the second – an original tune called “Flaws” was also in the top 5 shows the nice folk tone of the lead singer’s voice but also the slightly more indie/electronic influences creeping in as well.

What do you guys think? Big things ahead, one hit wonders, or unmoved? If you dig it you can get the Flaws single or pre-order the forth coming EP on iTunes.

Nike Air Mag – Marty McFly

Well, there are no words but “holy shit”… that day is finally upon us. There has been a lot of anger over the years about our distinct lack of hover boards and the fact that the future has really been a let down. However, one of the greatest most highly anticipated drops in the history of kicks may be coming our way in the next year or two thanks to the fine folks over at Nike.

Our friends over at Nice Kicks covered the patent request filed for the Nike Air Mag – a shoe that laces itself (yeah, I do mean shoes that have auto-locking/auto-lacing features you saw in the film Back to the Future II) over a year ago!

Well today, after receiving a call at midnight and being whisked out to LA on behalf of the Nike team it does look as though the wait may be a lot shorter than we had initially anticipated.

There is still no confirmed drop date but we will certainly provide any updates as and when we receive them. In the meantime, please watch the above video from a novelty Doc Brown account, read up on the release over at Nick Kicks, and get your money, tents, and sleeping bags ready!

Air Yeezy 2 – Must Cop

Only once in my life have I actually camped out for a pair of kicks and somehow managed still not to get a pair of the first Yeezy’s. After spending a night over in Shoreditch at the 1948 shop I was one of the first people to miss out on the drop. This year, however, I know a lot of people are having mixed feelings about the Yeezy 2’s and I’m hoping that this may make them a little easier to come by – assuming they ever are released to the public.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll have to pick these up if I can get a pair – if for no reason other than I missed out on the first drop. What do y’all think? Will you be copping or sitting the 2’s out?

Image via: Freshness Mag

Urban Industry – Another Online Stockist of Tier Zero Nike’s

For those of you who have a bit of a thing for kicks the way we here at Crockstar do we’re always looking for new retailers and new opportunities to pick up kicks without having to spend a night sleeping outside. As a general rule, when I find a new stockist I tend to keep it to myself because with some of the drops that interest me, it’s pretty much hopeless to get anything in your size.

Fair play and many thanks to the likes of Crooked Tongues – who have been more than generous with their helpful tips on Twitter and even have tried to remind me to get in there before I miss out on another drop, but thankfully I’ve found another site as well and much as it pains me to share it, I met one of the guys who work for them this past weekend and thought it would be the right thing to do to share the wealth with any fellow sneakerheads in the UK looking for the latest and greatest.

Given that Sean and I had a good old chat over how difficult it is to find a good pair of limited run kicks these days at a conference that might otherwise have been quite boring I thought the least we could do is make you all aware of their excellent customer service. Unfortunately they have yet to add a filter on their navigation for the Tier Zero drops (currently it all defaults to show all) your best bet is probably to keep your eye on their section for Jordan’s as well as for any of the quickstrike releases Urban Industry gets as these two sections are the ones most likely to get the drops you’re looking for.

Oh… and as illustrated from the above image, every now and again they get some of the older Quickstrike drops that have been sitting around for a little while and get marked down massively.

Secret’s out now, so happy shopping!

Mr. Bathing Ape – 2011 Collection Sneak Preview

Thanks to the folks over at Hypebeast and from Inventory, we’ve got our first look at the new season from Mr. Bathing Ape. As a brand, a Bathing Ape (a.k.a BAPE) have always branded themselves and benefited from limited run and high cost as a general model for business.

Over the last couple of years it seems as though Nigo and the BAPE family have moved away a bit from this model – perhaps most noticeably with the launch of Mr. Bathing Ape last March. Rather than focus fully on cartoon designs that would be limited in number of prints they have gone on the other economic pressure to keep things even more “in demand”.

Whilst there is no denying the fact that the BAPE brand isn’t designed for the price sensitive consumer, even some of the most avid BAPE followers may not be in the right income bracket to pony up for the Mr. Bathing Ape line. It’s hard to say whether ultimately this is a marketing angle to go after an even more elite class of street wear enthusiast, or if in fact, it is an indication of the fact that the BAPE team are pretty savvy after all and with an ageing consumer base, they’ve realised their long term growth is dependent on the ageing streetwear and sneaker obsessed crowd continuing to find their brand relevant, keep things stylish, but also provide options that could be worn to work and more formal events.

If this is a sign of the evolution of the company towards these pressures it may just warrant charging £600 for a pair of dress shoes from a trainer brand.

The photos from the new collection are via Hypebeast.

Wu Tang Announce UK Tour Dates (Including London!)

In an absolutely massive announcement, the mighty Wu-Tang Clan have just announced a number of upcoming UK dates. This is billed to be their first tour of the UK in the last four years and without a shadow of a doubt tickets will disappear quickly so be sure to act fast (the HMV venues in London are very small and with the amount of time people will have been waiting for this you can count on a near-instantaneous sell-out)!

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (April 15, 2011) through HMV Tickets and will likely be on sale through other outlets such as Ticket Master and Seat Wave (no doubt after these tickets sell out).

The full Wu Tang Clan (including a special guest appearance from Young Dirty Bastard – son of the late, great ODB) will be travelling across the UK starting in London and ending up in Birmingham on the following dates:

  • London HMV Forum – Saturday 11 June
  • London HMV Forum – Sunday 12 June
  • Birmingham HMV Institute – Monday 13 June
  • Edinburgh HMV Picture House – Tuesday 14 June
  • Manchester Academy 1 – Wednesday 15 June

In addition to the full tour you can check out GZA who is touring solo and will be appearing in Highbury & Islington on Tuesday, April 19 next week. Tickets are still available to that gig through HMV’s Ticket Office.

Image via: BBC/Getty

Jessie J – Who You Are – Live in New York (Boombox Series)

Very much in a similar vein to the Concerts a Emporter (the takeaway show) the fine folks at Giant Step and Arcade 44 came together with the increasingly popular London starlet Jessie J for an impromptu live show in the New York subway. Jessie’s debut album “Who You Are” was recently awarded platinum status in the UK and her hits Price Tag and Do it Like a Dude have really torn up the charts.

Jessie claims to really enjoy the idea of live performances such as this as it allows for an honest reaction. She likes the fact that people can cheer or leave, stick their fingers in their ears, etc.

She doesn’t have to worry too much about people not enjoying her voice – with over 2 million views in just over 2 months for this video alone – and unlike several of her contemporaries Ms. J truly is a talented performer. Enjoy the video, check out the rest of her music and be sure to cop her album if you are so inclined.

Girl Talk – This is the Remix

As shouting “This is the Remix” at the top of my lungs is one of my favourite passtimes and Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) is one of my favourite artists it’d be rude not to post this really.

It would be even more rude not to let you know that you can download the entire album for free from Illegal Art. Seriously though the newest album “All Day” that was released yesterday is top notch from start to finish- the entire thing is full of the type of bangers we’ve come to expect from the Pittsburgh based mash-up artist. As the King of remixes we hope you will agree that this IS the remix. The best part? You don’t have DJ Clue yelling in the middle of the track… or is that the worst part?

Either way, enjoy!

Bliss n Eso – Addicted

The latest video from Bliss n Eso (an Australian hip hop group based in Sydney) for their song Addicted is a masterpiece for any lover of street art and underground culture.

The video is said to have taken over three months (from start to finish) and was created using over 2,000 images and stop-motion animations. All of the graf was done by Deus and Askew One and used over 300 cans. The technique utilised multiple layers and cascaded out from the original pieces of art.

The painting itself took approximately six days of near round-the-clock painting in a warehouse in Auckland, New Zealand. For a bit more information on the project have a watch through the below video.

The trio comes from an ecclectic background (one American, one Moroccan and one Aussie) released their first album in early 2000 and have been working their way up the charts since then. Their most recent album Running on Air has received high acclaim from many Australian hip hop listeners and has been described as a career definining album for them.

We’ll have to withhold judgement on the full album but the video gets two thumbs up!

Daft Punk Derezzed Video [Tron:Leagcy]

We all know it’s a given that when a new Daft Punk music video comes out we’re going to post it… but when it also happens to be another trailer for the new Tron: Legacy movie, well we’re sort of left with no choice. Enjoy the beats, the beautiful scenes and the glory that is Tron and get excited for the soundtrack and score which is meant to be done entirely by Daft Punk… siiiick.

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