While on the fine quality wood products tip it is best we return to the fashion world. Wood has become a staple in design- from architecture to interior design and even, as show last week, in technology. There was some great usage of wood on display at London Fashion Week (including in Comfort Stations jewelry range), however, the one place you might not expect to see finished wood would be on eyewear. After SUPER unleased some nice leather frames in their latest collection it is quite nice to see someone taking a step back and producing top-quality shades from other top quality materials from yesteryear.

Canby Rosewood

Shwood is a Portland, Oregon based company and makes use of sustainably harvested wood from authorised and supervised production plantations in a number of African companies. All of the finishing and crafting is done in-house in Oregon and despite the old school lens materials, all leneses are constructed from top-class Zeiss (the very same used in SUPER’s glasses collection) optical quality or polarised materials.

The glasses come in a couple of styles: the Canby (shown in Maple, below left and in East Indian Rosewood, above) offers a slightly wider  frame and temple-pieces. Meanwhile, the Govy (shown in Zebrawood, below right), which offers a slightly more “standard” shape. Both models draw a certain level of inspiration from the Wayfarers and should fit similarly (e.g. may be best for a long-shaped face).

Govy ZebrawoodCanby Maple






Shwood glasses are available for purchase online through the Shwood online store and start at $95. At a price like that, you can’t beat these shades with a stick and there’s no better time than now to start getting ready for the spring and summer with a quirky accessory that is sure to turn heads this summer.

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