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The Reset III (Nike) – Video

Via: Benjart

Take a look at a nice little video to give you a better idea of what the London Streetwear scene looks like. Big up Benjart for coming a long way and really just bringing his stuff to the next level this time around (as we mentioned in our recap).

The show was another cracking success, and if you look closely you can catch my hair and face in a few of the shots early on. We’ll be looking forward to another edition of the Reset real soon and who knows… if we get our act together maybe we will have some product on show for The Reset V.

Streetfest in Images – May Bank Holiday London

We met up with the crew from Sneakr to cover this year’s Streetfest. The event has grown considerably from the first one about a year ago (that took place in a tiny warehouse in Shoreditch) and even featured the relatively well-known (and disappointing) Mr. Hudson at this years event. For reviews on Mr. Hudson, Urban Nerds and the other musical acts keep your eyes peeled on In the meantime, keep the dial locked on Crockstar for more coverage of the clothing and skateboarding competitions.

For your immediate enjoyment, we give you images!

Mr. Hudson Performs “Young Forever” solo

Skateboarding at Streetfest

Beautiful Graffiti

Graffiti Artists in Action at Streetfest London

Finished Product - Graffiti Woman

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