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Daft Punk Replica Helmet [Interstella 5555]

Every now and again we find something that truly needs sharing and today is the day. Atlanta based “replica and prop designer” Harrison Krix spent approximately 17 months designing this fully light-up version of Guy Manuel’s helmet (as per the version used in Interstella 5555). Krix built the entire thing from scratch, taught himself how to create functioning circuitr, chromed the thing out and even went to the trouble of making the rainbow lights custom as well. The video below will give you the instant-gratification of the job he finished just this week.

The video may show the process but I think this image truly captures the beauty of the finished product.

There are no words that can help understand why someone might go through all this trouble to create a replica, but I don’t care. The video is thoroughly entertaining and the final product is unbelievable.

Unfortunately, Mr. Krix has made it  quite clear that he will NOT be producing any more of these beauties. Sometimes if you want something done right you’ve just got to do it yourself. What are you waiting for? Get out there and build one for yourself! I bet you Thomas’ helmet would be a lot easier to make though.

Off The Radar – London – July 31

Next weekend it looks like we’ve got another festival/lifestyle event that were hopeful can rival Streetfest, The Reset and other similar events.

Off The Radar Flyer

Organised largely by Ask Your Girl and Benjart the event will feature live music from Terri Walker and loads of fashion from streetwear brands. In addition to Ask Your Girl and Benjart the Jordan brand will be there in force along with Vans, 10 Deep, Crooks and Castles, The Hundreds, Supra and more.

Entry will be free before 12pm (noon) and 2 Pounds from there on out. The event should be a good laugh and will keep the crowds going until 2AM.

As with the Supra x Trapstar sale yesterday you’ll want to be there early to snatch up the nicest pieces, though if you’re more interested in a party you may want to show up a bit later!

Be sure to get yourself over to Westbourne Studios early and look out for us!

Trapstar x Supra Sale London – Saturday, July 24

Very little introduction needed on this one! For those of you familiar with the Trapstar brand you know your man likes to keep things a secret. And for those of you that have never been to one of the elusive London king-of-streetwear’s pop-up shops you are in for a treat.

Pay the Trapstar crew a visit this weekend over in Portabello (can’t remember the last time I saw Trapstar travel west of 1948) and take advantage of these deals. If you’re looking for the pick-of-the-litter best be there early to queue up. Sometimes Trapstar’s been known to give away freebies to the first few in the door (but as “it’s a secret” is the brand’s motto you didn’t hear that from me, ya dig?).

If you’re looking to get a deal and nab your first piece of Trapstar freshness then maybe leave it a bit late and see if you can cop any “everything must go” specials.

If you’re not up on Trapstar (and shame on you), you can also use this opportunity to grab some limited pieces from Stussy, Penfeld, Carhartt and the Hundreds. And that’s fine by me- more Trapstar goodies for the Crockstar crew.

Either way- make sure you check it out… Trapstar is quite possibly London’s best kept secret.

Drake x Coldplay – October’s Very Cold [Mixtape]

Well I genuinely didn’t think this tape was going to warrant a post. The first track is a bit slow and the quality just doesn’t seem to be there. But the tape literally gets better and better with each track.

October’s Very Cold

More in the vein of “The Grey Album” than mash-up in it’s current format (see Super Mash Bros. and Girl Talk) this album combines some of Coldplay’s most memorable tracks with Drakes lyrics from a number of hit songs. Although the first track is pretty poor the tape picks up steam with Say Something pt. XY and reaches its greatest heights mid album with the genuinely moving “Money to Fix” ft. Birdman & Lil Wayne (mixing “Fix You” by Coldplay and “Money to Blow” from Drake).

Other tracks not to be missed: “Forever La Vida” “The Best Strawberry” and “The Fly Scientest”

Be sure to grab your free download over at The Leak and be sure to grab Drake’s latest album Thank Me Later on itunes.

London Wireless Festival 2010 – Jay Z, Wale, Lily Allen, D12

Greetings strangers! First off- sorry for not having written for a while now. Things have picked up at work and I’ve been busy moving flat- but that’s neither here nor there.

This weekend London’s Hyde Park welcomed some seriously big acts across 3.5 stages and over three days. The first day had a decidedly “pop” emphasis with Pink headlining with what was said to be a catastrophic set of lip-syncing. With any luck the Temper Trap at least made those in attendance not feel completely ripped off. The second day featured a blend of hip-hop and electronic/dance music with sets from New Young Pony Club, DJ Shadow, Missy, Snoop, LCD Soundsystem and some of Crockstar’s personal favorite mash-up bangers: 2manyDJs.

As finances were tight, the Crockstar crew decided to roll out for the third day only and Jay-Z alone would have made the sticker shock subside.

Jay Z Closes Wireless 2010

Image via: Barclaycard Wireless Festival

Although we missed out on some of the pre-event favourites (Chiddy Bang and J. Cole) due to a bit of a ticket mishap we were treated to a raucous welcome from no less than  Wale (and may have even got daps from the D.C. native). Wale performed a set of relatively lesser-hyped anthems and dropped some extremely fresh new tracks including a new take on Sam Sparro’s Black & Gold (henny for my… champagne for my HOs) which worked the crowd into a frenzy. He also dropped some new lyrics onto Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. and finished the set strong by trying to perform in the middle of the raucous audience

Wale at the Wireless Festival 2010

Other bangers included in the set: Pretty Girls, 90210, Chillin and one of the tightest freestyle’s you’ll ever hear.

Overall verdict: Wale didn’t dissappoint, got involved with the crowd, missing some of the heat off the mixtapes, but plenty of mainstream hits.


Wireless Festival 2010

After Wale we headed over to check out the Nicole Farhi x UGGs fashion show over by the bandstand. We were able to catch snippets of just about all of the other acts but were most impressed with the show so stuck around there for a minute.

Nicole Farhi x Uggs

After the show we devoted our full attention to Slash, Friendly Fires and Lily Allen. They were all moderately impressive but it didn’t really seem appropriate for these acts to take to the main stage at a largely hip hop show. Slash and a convincing Axl Rose impersonator took to the stage and seemed surprised as the teenagers walked away from the stage clearly not recognizing this legend of rock (except for a few who may have played as him in rock band). We weren’t surprised to see folks a little underwhelmed with the performance as Slash really didn’t belong on the bill. Needless to say, we are happy to report that your man can still absolutely shred and was playing boisterous solos behind his back to favourites from his golden years with Guns ‘n’ Roses to the remaining fan’s delight.

Slash Wireless Festival

Lily Allen and Friendly Fires were largely unimpressive. Despite throwing some serious moves on the dance floor the lead singer from the Friendly Fires came across as a bit of whingy little thing after public airing his displeasure that Slash had cut into his set with all of his “noodling”.

Lily stuck to her strengths and warmed up the crowd adequately for the main act. She drew attention to her boyfriend, played to her fanbase (read: young women) and thankfully also drew attention to what was clearly the ugliest trend of yesterday: idiotic and immature young men throwing bottles (at least partially full) into the crowd whilst young ladies got taken into first aid by the tens noses bloodied, unconscious or sobbing. It was really quite a despicable site and Allen was too right to draw attention to it.

Jay-Z London Wireless

Finally, after a long and dusty day filled with allergies and projectiles the (not-so) Young Hova himself took to the stage and performed one of the most impressive gigs we have ever witnessed. Jay-Z busted out all the favourites old and new and talked about London being his second home before a sing-along version of “Empire State of Mind.” Every song you can possibly imagine whether it be from middle school dances, The Black Album, collabos with Linkin Park or bangers off the Blueprint 3 he played either in total or in part and the fans ate up every minute of it.

Jay-Z and J. Cole

Jay performed almost every song with assitance from another hip hop legend (Memphis Bleek) and received support from Mr. Hudson on “Young Forever” and from J. Cole on “A Star is Born”.

Jay-Z was humble both towards other legends of hip hop both dead and alive as well as towards the fans. As time began running thin he unleashed samples of all of the favourites deciding to continue based upon the crowds reactions to the songs. This mash-up included “Bonnie and Clyde,” “Girls, Girls, Girls” and other hits from the past.

Songs included in the set:

99 Problems, Dirt off Your Shoulder, Hard Knock Life, On to the Next One, Empire State of Mind, Young Forever, A Star is Born, Jockin’ Jay-Z,  D.O.A., Public Service Announcement, Izzo (H.O.V.A.), Thank You, Big Pimpin, Jigga What, Show me What You Got, Can I Get A…, and ended with everyone’s favourite version of Encore (with the LP beats) and lord only knows what else.

 If ever there was a set to get tens of thousands of people to their feet (including Beyonce, Madonna, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Amy Winehouse, Jenson Button & Lewish Hamilton) with their diamonds in the sky, this was undoubtedly the one.

Final verdict: Top of the charts.

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