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Girl Talk – This is the Remix

As shouting “This is the Remix” at the top of my lungs is one of my favourite passtimes and Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) is one of my favourite artists it’d be rude not to post this really.

It would be even more rude not to let you know that you can download the entire album for free from Illegal Art. Seriously though the newest album “All Day” that was released yesterday is top notch from start to finish- the entire thing is full of the type of bangers we’ve come to expect from the Pittsburgh based mash-up artist. As the King of remixes we hope you will agree that this IS the remix. The best part? You don’t have DJ Clue yelling in the middle of the track… or is that the worst part?

Either way, enjoy!

Bliss n Eso – Addicted

The latest video from Bliss n Eso (an Australian hip hop group based in Sydney) for their song Addicted is a masterpiece for any lover of street art and underground culture.

The video is said to have taken over three months (from start to finish) and was created using over 2,000 images and stop-motion animations. All of the graf was done by Deus and Askew One and used over 300 cans. The technique utilised multiple layers and cascaded out from the original pieces of art.

The painting itself took approximately six days of near round-the-clock painting in a warehouse in Auckland, New Zealand. For a bit more information on the project have a watch through the below video.

The trio comes from an ecclectic background (one American, one Moroccan and one Aussie) released their first album in early 2000 and have been working their way up the charts since then. Their most recent album Running on Air has received high acclaim from many Australian hip hop listeners and has been described as a career definining album for them.

We’ll have to withhold judgement on the full album but the video gets two thumbs up!

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