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Mr. Bathing Ape – 2011 Collection Sneak Preview

Thanks to the folks over at Hypebeast and from Inventory, we’ve got our first look at the new season from Mr. Bathing Ape. As a brand, a Bathing Ape (a.k.a BAPE) have always branded themselves and benefited from limited run and high cost as a general model for business.

Over the last couple of years it seems as though Nigo and the BAPE family have moved away a bit from this model – perhaps most noticeably with the launch of Mr. Bathing Ape last March. Rather than focus fully on cartoon designs that would be limited in number of prints they have gone on the other economic pressure to keep things even more “in demand”.

Whilst there is no denying the fact that the BAPE brand isn’t designed for the price sensitive consumer, even some of the most avid BAPE followers may not be in the right income bracket to pony up for the Mr. Bathing Ape line. It’s hard to say whether ultimately this is a marketing angle to go after an even more elite class of street wear enthusiast, or if in fact, it is an indication of the fact that the BAPE team are pretty savvy after all and with an ageing consumer base, they’ve realised their long term growth is dependent on the ageing streetwear and sneaker obsessed crowd continuing to find their brand relevant, keep things stylish, but also provide options that could be worn to work and more formal events.

If this is a sign of the evolution of the company towards these pressures it may just warrant charging £600 for a pair of dress shoes from a trainer brand.

The photos from the new collection are via Hypebeast.

Wu Tang Announce UK Tour Dates (Including London!)

In an absolutely massive announcement, the mighty Wu-Tang Clan have just announced a number of upcoming UK dates. This is billed to be their first tour of the UK in the last four years and without a shadow of a doubt tickets will disappear quickly so be sure to act fast (the HMV venues in London are very small and with the amount of time people will have been waiting for this you can count on a near-instantaneous sell-out)!

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (April 15, 2011) through HMV Tickets and will likely be on sale through other outlets such as Ticket Master and Seat Wave (no doubt after these tickets sell out).

The full Wu Tang Clan (including a special guest appearance from Young Dirty Bastard – son of the late, great ODB) will be travelling across the UK starting in London and ending up in Birmingham on the following dates:

  • London HMV Forum – Saturday 11 June
  • London HMV Forum – Sunday 12 June
  • Birmingham HMV Institute – Monday 13 June
  • Edinburgh HMV Picture House – Tuesday 14 June
  • Manchester Academy 1 – Wednesday 15 June

In addition to the full tour you can check out GZA who is touring solo and will be appearing in Highbury & Islington on Tuesday, April 19 next week. Tickets are still available to that gig through HMV’s Ticket Office.

Image via: BBC/Getty

Jessie J – Who You Are – Live in New York (Boombox Series)

Very much in a similar vein to the Concerts a Emporter (the takeaway show) the fine folks at Giant Step and Arcade 44 came together with the increasingly popular London starlet Jessie J for an impromptu live show in the New York subway. Jessie’s debut album “Who You Are” was recently awarded platinum status in the UK and her hits Price Tag and Do it Like a Dude have really torn up the charts.

Jessie claims to really enjoy the idea of live performances such as this as it allows for an honest reaction. She likes the fact that people can cheer or leave, stick their fingers in their ears, etc.

She doesn’t have to worry too much about people not enjoying her voice – with over 2 million views in just over 2 months for this video alone – and unlike several of her contemporaries Ms. J truly is a talented performer. Enjoy the video, check out the rest of her music and be sure to cop her album if you are so inclined.

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