Who knew that the double denim craze would strike such a nerve? As a further follow-up to our rant about Double Denim and our strong belief that this trend did not deserve the resurrection many trendsetters and fashion journalists are predicting for this season, we give you five more trends that have seen a recent resurgence, though we wish had been left alone.

Jnco Jeans and Tevas - Nice Look!

 Overalls and Tevas… Always A Good Look

1. Animal Prints -

gross… with very few exceptions.

“ohhhmagod, you would make SUCH a nice g-string” (funny photos)

2. Elastic Waist Denim -

If you’re not pregant and wouldn’t qualify yourself as “husky” these aren’t cute, please stop wearing them.

We thought we’d seen it all… Elastic Waist, Denim, Cargo Pants. Dear Gahd. (hotklobba)

3. “Leggings” or “tights” for men –

For us, it’s not really a question of masculinity, or anything like that. These may have been all the rage for Robin Hood and Bill Shakespeare, but if you’re not going for a run and you’re not Kobe Bryant… you shouldn’t be wearing tights. Full stop.

If only for a moment Kobe reached his childhood dream… he had become Donatello. (sacbee)

4. “Fake” vintage -

there are some perks to vintage styles and clothing. It’s sustainable, and as we’ve pointed out, some of these looks never should have gone away. We’re all for nostalgia, but your “My Little Pony” tee that was made in China in 2010 isn’t cool. Especially if you weren’t alive during the initiall popularity of the character/show/film in question. If you want to rep your favorite cartoon try to find a shirt from the era… or go to Comicon and steal one.

She thinks: “This shirt makes me look innocent and is soooo cute”
We Think: “You’ve got Daddy issues, wouldn’t ya know?!” (80s tees)

5. Early-90s bangs -

Just because it looked good on Kelly Kapowski doesn’t mean it will look good on you.

If you haven’t got anything nice to say… (Wikipedia and flickr)

Tomorrow we will bring you our final top 5 list inspired by the horrendous craze that is “Double Denim”: 5 Trends We Really Hope Will Go Away Soon.

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