Please look for updates of some of my work here.* I tend to be a bit aprehensive about posting anything until it has gone to print… but look here for some updates and reader submitted photos of y’all rocking Crockstar Limited duds.

-Sam Crocker, Crockstar Limited 2010

*Note: Compressed Images

Crockstar(bucks) Design

First edition t-shirt and logo. Adobe Illustrator CS4 Vector Drawing.

Dilpreet Cartoon

Adobe Illustrator (CS4) Drawing (2009)

 Lars and Vasuda Cartoon

 Adobe Illustrator (CS4) Vector Drawing

Pang Cartoon

 Adobe Illustrator (CS4) vector drawing (2009)

 Self Portrait Cartoon

Self Portrait after a very long trip to Stonehenge (Adobe Illustrator Re-Work of Image by Lars Thomas Schlereth).