This has to be one of the coolest “gadgets” I’ve ever seen (came across it at Benjart’s blog). The chair modelled after an accordion uses recycled materials and features honeycomb technology to provide the strength to allow one to actually sit on it.

You can pick up your very own chair from Flexible Love for either £250 for the 8-seater version or £450 for the 16 person version. Well worth the money when you think about how easily it can be stored and the number of people it can accomodate… and the awesome tricks you can play with the thing (a la the above video).

The chair is made from cardboard so should NOT be left outside. The furniture is made of recycled wood and paper products and using pre-existing manufacturing processes so as not to have a huge impact on the environment. At present, the furniture is readily available for online purchase in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Taiwan though should be available by special request internationally (check the website and “buy” for more details).

This puppy get’s full marks from the Crockstar team… and given that we’ll be moving shop in the next few weeks we might be coppin’ as well.