Welp, Adidas has gone and done it again… and I don’t even like Star Wars!

With their latest release Adidas has, very intelligently, captured the hearts and minds of toy-lovers and sneakerheads the world around. The concept of “boxfresh” is fairly unique to the trainer lovers, though if there is any comparison any action figure collector can appreciate this coddling of their favourite product.

An unopened toy/figure is worth infinitely more than an opened toy (in mint condition). Why are people old enough, patient and responsible enough to leave their toys in the package for years still buying action figures is a question in itself… though there is no doubt that with toys and old baseball cards the unopened pack is the holy grail of a collectors patience.

When it comes to trainers, I’ve never been a big fan of the idea of copping kicks you’re never going to wear, or copping kicks just to re-sell. I can almost understand the “wear ‘em twice and put ‘em on ice” mentality, but that’s about as far as I’m willing to go. With that said, I think these might be worth keeping sealed and displayed proudly in Daddy’s creepy toy shack.

Hunting these down may be tougher than finding water in Tatooine, but try your local Adidas orignals stockist.

What do you lot think of these? Pop-tags or hermetically sealed?

Images via: Pursuitist