So, I’ve not been staying up to date on the music scene nearly as much as I used to but had a listen to something I came across on Hype Machine the other day and think we may be on to a winner in Bastille. At the risk of sounding like a massive hipster (I’m kind of ok with it) I’ve been pretty successful at spotting/hearing good UK talent that I think has a global appeal/sound and that will catch on – so far best shouts being The XX and Mumford & Sons (having cited the Mumford & Sons album as the best album of 2009).

After a couple of days straight occupying the top spot as well as another top 5 spot on The Hype Machine’s popular chart (quite an accomplishment really) it seems like Bastille are already off to a strong start and with their first full length album out next year it looks like they’re in a strong starting position for a breakthrough 2012.

For those who don’t want to wait a year to hear what they have to offer you can check out a couple of their hits. The first, a cover of City High’s “What Would you Do?” (an absolute blast from the past) occupied the top spot the Hypem chart whilst the second – an original tune called “Flaws” was also in the top 5 shows the nice folk tone of the lead singer’s voice but also the slightly more indie/electronic influences creeping in as well.

What do you guys think? Big things ahead, one hit wonders, or unmoved? If you dig it you can get the Flaws single or pre-order the forth coming EP on iTunes.