Ok, I’m going to write this post but I want to clear the air about a few things:

1. I am not a huge fan of Kanye West.

2. I am bitter that I spent many hours trying to camp out in the streets of Shoreditch to get a pair… and didn’t (see below photo).

3. I did not say BEST release, I said BIGGEST.

4. The results speak for themselves, try not to dismay too much about the state of humanity because MJ’s death blew both the Yeezy and Kanye out of the water!!!

 Source: Charlatan

Now, with the preamble out of the way, we all know that the Yeezy was by far the biggest release of the past year. The Yeezy had more speculation, fakes and fights than a Miss America competition.

You all know what the shoes look like, and if you don’t, you probably don’t care so I’m not going to invest any time in telling you about them style-wise (other than the fact that the glow in the dark sole was a nice touch).¬† What I am gonna do is try to put into perspective how big a release this was and how big a year it was in general for Kanye.

I used Google Trends to compare search terms of the past year and see just how big Kanye and his kicks were this past year… Prepare for nerdiness. I hope you enjoy.

Want to be like Mike?


Well, the yeezy may not have touched “his airness”, but this is pretty impressive when we consider what the Jordan brand means. This is an entire brand, as well as a commonly used pseudonym for the GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME.

Can I get my Yeezy’s in Carolina Blue Mike?

Year of Social Media the Yeezy


Alright, fine, Social Media may have won out in the end… but the fact is: one of the most talked about items of 2009 (especially in the business world), a phrase that embodies Twitter, Facebook, and tons of other big name platform, was outranked by the search term “air yeezy” in terms of search volume at least for a portion of the year.

Not impressed? Thought this was a streetwear blog? Ok, fine… let’s focus in on the month of April.

Bape vs. Yeezy

For those of you uninterested by streetwear, BAPE is probably the most successful (AND most exclusive) streetwear line in the entire game. People queue up for every opening of the store (in fact the only reason I was able to get the Nike Futura Flom Dunk this summer was because a lot of sneaker heads had camped out to meet Nigo and Pharell at Bape London instead of at the Nike 1948 store). However, the Yeezy’s clearly dominated search traffic for Bape over the course of the entire month of April.

Let’s stick with April for a moment and put this in perspective for people who own fewer than 15 pairs of sneakers/trainers…

Air Yeezy vs. Nelson Mandela


Surely this is a joke… NELSON MANDELA (yes, the Nelson Mandela) was barely even able to compete for search results in April when Yeezy fever hit its pitch. Authors note: I was going to show you how the Yeezy’s compared to Martin Luther King Jr. in 2009 but it made me too sad (click if you must).

This is all a bit depressing to me especially given that in this instance we are talking about the shoe… not even the designer behind the shoe. So I thought, just for laughs (because I needed one), I would try to see how popular the man behind the sneaker was in 2009 (at least insofar as Google Search can be used as a metric for these things) and the findings left me… speechless.


And the landslide for search volume over the whole year was even more depressing (results here).

Yeezy, FTW!