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Cineroluem – New Cinema in Clerkenwell

So, whilst having a drink with a friend the other day over by Pop-up Pirates we noticed a group of hipsters playing with aluminum tarps across the road at a gas station. We only assumed it would be some sort of art exhibition, squat party or something else bordering on awful.

However, as it turns out… the final product is nothing short of a work of art in and of itself- and it provides reasonably priced cinema within walking distance of my house so who are we to complain. My hat is off to the folks behind this project and I’m looking forward to checking out a film there ASAP. I will be sure to post a review once I can get a ticket to the bloody place!

The picture doesn’t quite do the place justice, but the chairs are handbuilt out of wood, they’ve gone with a classic marquis and the silver tarps previously mentioned serve as curtains to help you forget you’re in downtown London. You may have to watch out for splinters but this is a masterstroke of architectural repurposing!

Next time you’re in the area definitely check it out:
The derelict petrol station,
100 Clerkenwell Road,
London, EC1M 4RJ

Cyglo LED Tires – Just in Time for Tron: Legacy!

Well, as you know, we here at Crockstar are a bit obsessed with the forthcoming Tron film. We are also a bit obsessed with bikes, and techy-shiz… so it’s not surprise that we’re pretty stoked on these Cyglo tires (tyres for you Brits).

If you’re looking for your opportunity to feel like you’re riding a light-bike around town and don’t have the cash to dish out for one of these, then you may want to get in early on these babies.

These were originally built with safety in mind but they are seriously fresh in their own right… and they’re a bit of a design feat as well.

The tires have LED bulbs with motion sensors built right into the wall of the tire. You can set them either to flash or to be permanently on… oh and did we mention that they generate their own power?

The level of interest has taken Cyglo by surprise but what this means for us consumers is that these are almost guaranteed to make it to market. If and when they do, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Keep up the good work Cyglo- the future is upon us.

Terratag Pop-up Shop at Vibe Bar

This weekend we’ve got another sale/opportunity to cop some of the freshest streetwear in London. Our friends over at Benjart are teaming up with Japanese art and toy company Terratag. As has become the custom for this sort of even there will be some giveaways for the first folks in the door so don’t sleep. The event will be over at Vibe Bar on Brick Lane this Sunday (August 22) from 10AM-6pm so get on over there for some daytime drinking, quality DJs and some new threads!

Looks like this event should have a bit more of that hang-out feel than Off The Radar as the venue should permit for more drinks. See you down there!

How Banksy (or Robbo) Could Save the Foundry

For those of you unfamiliar with The Foundry it is an errm, charming, artsy venue-cum-speakeasy smack dab in the middle of shoreditch. The Foundry stands prominently on the fork in the road between Great Eastern St. and Old St. and has been the hangout for hipsters, starving artists, fixies and tourists alike.

The Foundry Shoreditch

Image: Evening Standard

Though the issue has been in the news for quite some time now, the building has been purchased (after the landlords failed to pay off their mortage) and will be ripped down and replaced by an 18 storey art hotel. The idea is that the hotel will pay homage (i.e. exploit) some of the pieces of art that have accumulated over the years in the building- the most famous of which being a Banksy piece.

The venue gained its fame for myriad reasons. First off, the location was prime for the art scene kids to hang out, the booze was cheap, and it was the closest thing you could get to free-loving and homely in a pub/bar in London. The sofas were worn through, the tables covered in pen graf, the toilet walls constantly being overtaken by new graffiti, new art instalations were constantly being put in place upstairs and the side room was home to many odd trinkets, board games and books.

The venue was home to Pete Doherety’s poetry nights and the band Hot Chip was said to have been formed at the Foundry. The foundry was effectively everything Shoreditch stood for all in one building: music, art, fashion, community, booze and probably the ocassional drug use as well.

The all-purpose art space was approved to be demolished by the Hackney Council this winter and will be replaced by the Art’otel and will have gallery/exhibit space, a spa and of course a hotel. But, don’t worry! The Banksy (one of the largest known standing pieces) will be preserved and make up a part of the lobby.

Foundry Hotel Plan

Image: The Guardian

The decision was fought tooth and nail by the locals and the Whitechapel Anarchist Group who have since taken over occupation of the building in peaceful protest. The group has arranged art events, film screenings out front, and so forth. The ex-foundry, currently opearting under the name “84 Great Eastern Street Squatted Social Centre” (a bit of a mouthful) remains “open” for events though it seems inevitable that the closure will undoubtedly come soon as all legal methods of stopping the destruction have been exhausted… which brings us to our point.

What is and will be one of the biggest draws to this new hotel? Sure, the location is great (if you like that safe-but-still-urban-and-trendy sort of feel). And why not set up another one of these hotels right across the street from the successful Hoxton Hotel?

But what is the true and unique draw to the hotel? It’s the Banksy. And what does Banksy hate more than corporate society and capitalism? Well, nothing… we think.

Banksy has every motive to do his best to put a wrench in this plan- assuming he hates capitalism as much as he claims. Banksy’s “stick it to the man” approach has usually been creative and funny. For Banksy to get the last laugh in this case though, all it would take is for him to do something simple. Paint over the graf with basic white paint that actually matches the walls.

The shock value isn’t there, but there’s no denying that it’s genius in its simplicity.

Whilst Banksy is no doubt arrogant, it has to be assumed that he grows tired of seeing his images peddled on clothing, unauthorised prints and so forth. Where is his cut? If he really doesn’t care and really hates capitalism this seems like a no-brainer.

Banksy Robbo Wall Road London

On the other hand, what better way for Robbo to get the one-up on the legend with whom he has been at war for nearly a year now, than by defacing one of his greatest pieces. Now, painting a simple black square over Banksy’s artwork may not have the same impact as a giant “King Robbo” over the top of it, but it would be equally disprespectful to Banksy’s work and solidify even further legendary status on the man who has been out of the picture really since the 80s.

It may not stop the hotel from being built, but it would be one way for the streets to say loud and clear “not in my back yard” and both artists have compelling reasons on which to act.

Daft Punk Replica Helmet [Interstella 5555]

Every now and again we find something that truly needs sharing and today is the day. Atlanta based “replica and prop designer” Harrison Krix spent approximately 17 months designing this fully light-up version of Guy Manuel’s helmet (as per the version used in Interstella 5555). Krix built the entire thing from scratch, taught himself how to create functioning circuitr, chromed the thing out and even went to the trouble of making the rainbow lights custom as well. The video below will give you the instant-gratification of the job he finished just this week.

The video may show the process but I think this image truly captures the beauty of the finished product.

There are no words that can help understand why someone might go through all this trouble to create a replica, but I don’t care. The video is thoroughly entertaining and the final product is unbelievable.

Unfortunately, Mr. Krix has made it  quite clear that he will NOT be producing any more of these beauties. Sometimes if you want something done right you’ve just got to do it yourself. What are you waiting for? Get out there and build one for yourself! I bet you Thomas’ helmet would be a lot easier to make though.

Trapstar x Supra Sale London – Saturday, July 24

Very little introduction needed on this one! For those of you familiar with the Trapstar brand you know your man likes to keep things a secret. And for those of you that have never been to one of the elusive London king-of-streetwear’s pop-up shops you are in for a treat.

Pay the Trapstar crew a visit this weekend over in Portabello (can’t remember the last time I saw Trapstar travel west of 1948) and take advantage of these deals. If you’re looking for the pick-of-the-litter best be there early to queue up. Sometimes Trapstar’s been known to give away freebies to the first few in the door (but as “it’s a secret” is the brand’s motto you didn’t hear that from me, ya dig?).

If you’re looking to get a deal and nab your first piece of Trapstar freshness then maybe leave it a bit late and see if you can cop any “everything must go” specials.

If you’re not up on Trapstar (and shame on you), you can also use this opportunity to grab some limited pieces from Stussy, Penfeld, Carhartt and the Hundreds. And that’s fine by me- more Trapstar goodies for the Crockstar crew.

Either way- make sure you check it out… Trapstar is quite possibly London’s best kept secret.

Streetfest in Images – May Bank Holiday London

We met up with the crew from Sneakr to cover this year’s Streetfest. The event has grown considerably from the first one about a year ago (that took place in a tiny warehouse in Shoreditch) and even featured the relatively well-known (and disappointing) Mr. Hudson at this years event. For reviews on Mr. Hudson, Urban Nerds and the other musical acts keep your eyes peeled on In the meantime, keep the dial locked on Crockstar for more coverage of the clothing and skateboarding competitions.

For your immediate enjoyment, we give you images!

Mr. Hudson Performs “Young Forever” solo

Skateboarding at Streetfest

Beautiful Graffiti

Graffiti Artists in Action at Streetfest London

Finished Product - Graffiti Woman

Nike Reset London – Pop-Up Streetwear Sale at 1948 Shoreditch

Saturday saw the return of the heavily anticipated third installment of “Nike Reset.” The event takes place bi-annually at the Nike 1948 space in Shoreditch and is host to some of the biggest up-and-comers in the streetwear industry. Past installments have helped a number of big streetwear brands really gain a foothold in the market. It acts both as launch pad for the newcomers and back-to-basics opportunities for core fans to get their hands on the latest and greatest from the likes of Trapstar who just keeps coming back for more year in and year out. Other perennial favorites at the event include “Art in Transit” aka AinT, TrinoTron and Second Son.

Image: Shining Heroes

The faces have changed a bit and unfortunately two of our personal favourites (Carri Munden of Cassette Playa and the Dope Chef / Currency crew) were nowhere to be found this year but the new guys came out fighting this year… and I do mean fighting. After an early morning tuffle between a couple of the guys workin for Trapstar at the event and the two guys consequently not being allowed into the event things finally got kicked off properly a full two hours late.

By the time the gates were opened to the masses the queue had grown substantially and given the mad rush towards the Trapstar booth the Nike security gang had to limit the numbers in and out for a good bit. Trapstar was definitely the “main event” in as much as there was one dropping some new heat with tensions running high inside as well. In addition to a number of limited and seriously fresh originals, the usual “Dream Team” and other classics from the past were available as well.

Additionally, the crew was taking pre-orders for the chinos set to drop this summer. These were some nice lookin trousers with a big red button on the bag and some beautifully blue and  white lined pockets. No word yet on pricing, but the fact that they were taking waiste, length and style preference from kids unabashedly makes me think these will be some of the hottest and most exclusive threads for this summer. I pulled the nice young lady aside who was folding up the shirts and popping them in the “Heat Wave” boxes for all the yung’uns and she couldn’t help but agree that things are going well when you can sell an item without even telling people what they’re gonna cost. If the collared shirts they are selling at £70+ a pop are any indication, you’d better start saving your gallions if you wanna be wearin these this summer.

Setting aside the old timers, I thought it would be worth focussing a bit of attention on the breakout labels of the show. Interest was moderate to newcomer “Ask Your Girl” who toe the controversial line well. Whilst their designs incorporate nearly pornographic cartoon depictions of girls they are right in pointing out that there are two sides to every story. The caption under a young lady’s silhouette (legs spread with a star covering her goodies) is “everyday a star is born” and if you look closely, you can even see the girl holding up a globe. One of the founders of the brand argued that it’s alla bout how you look at things, and while someone might look at the design and see a dirty image, it was actually quite empowering. He also argued that the name “Ask Your Girl” is also intended in the vein of “Girl Power” and empowering women. It’s catch and provides a bit of wordplay, but he insists the line isn’t supposed to refer to what you might think at first blush and it’s supposed to encourage men to care more about what their Girl is thinking.

Without putting on my feminist hat too much and hating for the implications of the possesive on Your Girl will give him the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t bother pushing his buttons too hard on the double-meaning of the hats they were pushing that simply read “Player” but I’m sure there’s a good story in it as well.

Setting aside what the intentions of the label are, I think there’s a lot that can be done with this idea and thought the designs were dope. I was feeling the reversible jumper the most, but the “Ask Your Girl” logo available in loads of world cup colors (the U.S. seemingly left out on purpose) was a nice touch as well.

In addition to the nice pieces that Ask Your Girl had on offer the winner for this year’s “best in show” goes to my man Benjart. His pieces were the highest quality of all the new comers, the designs were super tight and the crew knows how to hussle. Shirts seemed to be flying off the rails, varsity jackets were being pulled out from nowhere and deals were being made all over the place. In addition to winning “best in show” as the best newcomer repping, Benjart also gets my nod for best single design. Whilst the woman screaming/pop-art horror design seemed to be popping up left, right and center (with a nod from Art in Transit, Trapstar and Benjart) I think Benjart made the most of it by incorporating the image into his soon-to-be-famous B-splash design.

Benjart B Splash

Bonus points for the Benjart crew getting the troops rallied and hyped up on Twitter before, during and after the show as well. I’m looking forward to big things from the brand.

All told, the even was a reminder of how vibrant the underground streetwear community is here in London. There were familiar faces on both sides of the booths, kids I seen queueing for Yeezy’s over a year ago and plenty of newcomers as well. This had to be the least well organised Reset I’ve seen yet, but it was worth the wait and I’m looking forward to covering another soon! There’s no better place than London for the freshest and newest and hardest to find– just ask MIA, Rihanna and all the others repping these young and exclusive brands.

My own images will be up here shortly. In the meantime, check out some of the above links, flag me down on Twitter and be sure you’re following Benjart as well for the latest news.

AudioBullys – Only Man [Music Video]

The new Audiobullys track is fairly catchy, but the new video is stellar and a must-see for all sneaker heads and trainer chasers. Drawing heavily on references to the footwear and urban trends subculture the video features graf, a fight and loads of dope kicks.

Amongst the allusions made all on the soles of shoes you’ll find stylistic references to Parra, Lichtenstein, KAWS, Nike 6.0, Back to the Future and other icons amongst the streetwear and popculture community.

Let us know which references we missed out on below in the comments section or give us a shout on Twitter!

Karl Lagerfeld – Remember Now (Short Film for Chanel Cruise Collection)

It seems a number of fashion icons are trying their hand at cinema these days. First Tom Ford had a smash hit with “A Single Man” and more recently German legend Karl Lagerfeld has launched this short called “Remember Now” to promote his latest collection for Chanel. The film itself is a bit slow but the scenery and the styling are certainly impressive.

Plus, it also offers a unique look into the life of the rich and famous in St. Tropez.

The story follows an older gentleman (Alexandre) as he takes a look back into his past in a strange sort of way by revisiting his “voyeuristic” past. Alexandre puts it best by describing youth as a “short-term lease, non-renewable” after he is welcomed to a young club as a “legend of St. Tropez”. Keep your eyes peeled for a special cameo from Mr. Lagerfeld himself as well.

The short is self-indulging by all means but it is a unique and very exciting way to launch a collection.

Have a watch and feel free to leave your comments.

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