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Nike Reset London – Pop-Up Streetwear Sale at 1948 Shoreditch

Saturday saw the return of the heavily anticipated third installment of “Nike Reset.” The event takes place bi-annually at the Nike 1948 space in Shoreditch and is host to some of the biggest up-and-comers in the streetwear industry. Past installments have helped a number of big streetwear brands really gain a foothold in the market. It acts both as launch pad for the newcomers and back-to-basics opportunities for core fans to get their hands on the latest and greatest from the likes of Trapstar who just keeps coming back for more year in and year out. Other perennial favorites at the event include “Art in Transit” aka AinT, TrinoTron and Second Son.

Image: Shining Heroes

The faces have changed a bit and unfortunately two of our personal favourites (Carri Munden of Cassette Playa and the Dope Chef / Currency crew) were nowhere to be found this year but the new guys came out fighting this year… and I do mean fighting. After an early morning tuffle between a couple of the guys workin for Trapstar at the event and the two guys consequently not being allowed into the event things finally got kicked off properly a full two hours late.

By the time the gates were opened to the masses the queue had grown substantially and given the mad rush towards the Trapstar booth the Nike security gang had to limit the numbers in and out for a good bit. Trapstar was definitely the “main event” in as much as there was one dropping some new heat with tensions running high inside as well. In addition to a number of limited and seriously fresh originals, the usual “Dream Team” and other classics from the past were available as well.

Additionally, the crew was taking pre-orders for the chinos set to drop this summer. These were some nice lookin trousers with a big red button on the bag and some beautifully blue and  white lined pockets. No word yet on pricing, but the fact that they were taking waiste, length and style preference from kids unabashedly makes me think these will be some of the hottest and most exclusive threads for this summer. I pulled the nice young lady aside who was folding up the shirts and popping them in the “Heat Wave” boxes for all the yung’uns and she couldn’t help but agree that things are going well when you can sell an item without even telling people what they’re gonna cost. If the collared shirts they are selling at £70+ a pop are any indication, you’d better start saving your gallions if you wanna be wearin these this summer.

Setting aside the old timers, I thought it would be worth focussing a bit of attention on the breakout labels of the show. Interest was moderate to newcomer “Ask Your Girl” who toe the controversial line well. Whilst their designs incorporate nearly pornographic cartoon depictions of girls they are right in pointing out that there are two sides to every story. The caption under a young lady’s silhouette (legs spread with a star covering her goodies) is “everyday a star is born” and if you look closely, you can even see the girl holding up a globe. One of the founders of the brand argued that it’s alla bout how you look at things, and while someone might look at the design and see a dirty image, it was actually quite empowering. He also argued that the name “Ask Your Girl” is also intended in the vein of “Girl Power” and empowering women. It’s catch and provides a bit of wordplay, but he insists the line isn’t supposed to refer to what you might think at first blush and it’s supposed to encourage men to care more about what their Girl is thinking.

Without putting on my feminist hat too much and hating for the implications of the possesive on Your Girl will give him the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t bother pushing his buttons too hard on the double-meaning of the hats they were pushing that simply read “Player” but I’m sure there’s a good story in it as well.

Setting aside what the intentions of the label are, I think there’s a lot that can be done with this idea and thought the designs were dope. I was feeling the reversible jumper the most, but the “Ask Your Girl” logo available in loads of world cup colors (the U.S. seemingly left out on purpose) was a nice touch as well.

In addition to the nice pieces that Ask Your Girl had on offer the winner for this year’s “best in show” goes to my man Benjart. His pieces were the highest quality of all the new comers, the designs were super tight and the crew knows how to hussle. Shirts seemed to be flying off the rails, varsity jackets were being pulled out from nowhere and deals were being made all over the place. In addition to winning “best in show” as the best newcomer repping, Benjart also gets my nod for best single design. Whilst the woman screaming/pop-art horror design seemed to be popping up left, right and center (with a nod from Art in Transit, Trapstar and Benjart) I think Benjart made the most of it by incorporating the image into his soon-to-be-famous B-splash design.

Benjart B Splash

Bonus points for the Benjart crew getting the troops rallied and hyped up on Twitter before, during and after the show as well. I’m looking forward to big things from the brand.

All told, the even was a reminder of how vibrant the underground streetwear community is here in London. There were familiar faces on both sides of the booths, kids I seen queueing for Yeezy’s over a year ago and plenty of newcomers as well. This had to be the least well organised Reset I’ve seen yet, but it was worth the wait and I’m looking forward to covering another soon! There’s no better place than London for the freshest and newest and hardest to find– just ask MIA, Rihanna and all the others repping these young and exclusive brands.

My own images will be up here shortly. In the meantime, check out some of the above links, flag me down on Twitter and be sure you’re following Benjart as well for the latest news.

AudioBullys – Only Man [Music Video]

The new Audiobullys track is fairly catchy, but the new video is stellar and a must-see for all sneaker heads and trainer chasers. Drawing heavily on references to the footwear and urban trends subculture the video features graf, a fight and loads of dope kicks.

Amongst the allusions made all on the soles of shoes you’ll find stylistic references to Parra, Lichtenstein, KAWS, Nike 6.0, Back to the Future and other icons amongst the streetwear and popculture community.

Let us know which references we missed out on below in the comments section or give us a shout on Twitter!

Nike Viral Campaign – Kicks and Music

So we all know that we here at Crockstar fall on the Nike side of the kicks debate. We are always open to other ideas and ocassionally will give shouts to the others, but this video (despite it’s disclaimer) is as good a reason to love the brand… even if they aren’t anywhere near squeaky clean in their supply-chain and production methods.

Please note the disclaimer: Neither Nike Free’s, nor any other Nike shoe (AT PRESENT) come preoloaded with the ability to make sweet remixes. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Special thanks to Erica for this find.

Karl Lagerfeld – Remember Now (Short Film for Chanel Cruise Collection)

It seems a number of fashion icons are trying their hand at cinema these days. First Tom Ford had a smash hit with “A Single Man” and more recently German legend Karl Lagerfeld has launched this short called “Remember Now” to promote his latest collection for Chanel. The film itself is a bit slow but the scenery and the styling are certainly impressive.

Plus, it also offers a unique look into the life of the rich and famous in St. Tropez.

The story follows an older gentleman (Alexandre) as he takes a look back into his past in a strange sort of way by revisiting his “voyeuristic” past. Alexandre puts it best by describing youth as a “short-term lease, non-renewable” after he is welcomed to a young club as a “legend of St. Tropez”. Keep your eyes peeled for a special cameo from Mr. Lagerfeld himself as well.

The short is self-indulging by all means but it is a unique and very exciting way to launch a collection.

Have a watch and feel free to leave your comments.

Meet Apegon – Bape / Bapesta’s Newest Character [Nigolden Week]

As part of Bape’s newest collection (focussed on wrestling… which you gotta love!) they have introduced a new character to the Bathing Ape family. This man looks more super-hero than ape and it will be interesting to see how he is introduced to the collection. We’re not convinced by Apegon yet but we’ll see what sort of super powers he is capable before passing final judgement.

The topic for “professional wrestlers” and professional wrestling inspired t-shirts on the other hand is something we fully support. Here’s to hoping a Bape-o-Mania yellow and red tee is on it’s way!

Bapesta Wrestling Tees

The shirt will be released as part of the aptly named upcoming “Nigolden week” to celebrate the label’s 17th anniversary. The lead designer and founder of the brand Nigo will be on hand from May 1st-4th to offer a screen printing workshop and meet the adoring fans. The “Nigo’s workshop” event will take place at three different stores as part of the larger celebration for “Golden week” in Japan. Golden week celebrates “Emperor’s day” “Childrens Day” and the “Constitution Memorial Day” to celebrate the 1947 constitution of Japan.

Ultimately- the week can be looked at as a giant bank-holiday weekend and the Bape team will be pulling out all the stops in celebration.


We’ve yet to learn Japanese (slackers!) but hopefully if you are in Japan and thus likely to attend we hope you can read the below dates and location for the Nigo’s Workshop event.

Nigolden Week Nigo’s Workshop Schedule

 Image credits: Highsnobiety and Bape

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A. Hallucination LookBook – Menswear A/W 2010

A. Hallucination Lookbook

Thanks to some love from up and coming menswear designer Chung Chung Lee, who along with his partner Hwan Sung Park founded the label A. Hallucination (which we raved about after attending the A. Hallucination Label Launch in February) Crockstar has the distinct pleasure of announcing the official collection lookbook. The Crockstar gang was quite fortunate to get an early look at the collection, and now we are happy to share the book with you all.

A. Hallucination Quilted Dress Shirt

In addition to the coveted HQ images from the show, the lookbook really helps do justice to these incredible pieces and it looks as though the collection has come even further since the initial London show.

As mentioned in the event coverage, the line offers a unique take on the “modern English dandy” and combines immaculate tailoring (a la Saville Row) with the quilting of an English outdoor brand (such as Barobour) and combines them with edgier silhouettes to make the most of modern.

A. Hallucination Duffle Coat and Vest

I think the Crockstar fascination with this brand has been made quite explicit so please have a look through the entire look book at the A. Hallucination website.

As always, please follow Crockstar on Twitter for more fashion insights, news and commentary.

New York Trip – Highlights in Images

First off, apologies for not having posted anything in the last couple of weeks. It has been really busy and I have also been doing a bit of travel. As such, I thought I would at least share some of the highlights from my trip in images. Nothin really to make anyone jealous here- no photos of beaches or anything like that but just some high points and suggestions in case you find yourself in the area.

iPad Hands-on

And fat-fingered people everywhere rejoiced!

 Obviously, with the release of the iPad on April 3rd (in the States at least) I couldn’t resist a test drive. I had read a lot of hands-on reports and felt that this was the sort of thing that is best experienced first hand. I would strongly suggest that anyone remotely intrigued by this little gadget take one out for a spin. I have always been a bit hesitant about e-reading but I found that the e-reading capabilities and promise on this thing are huge. Given how many books I lugged back and forth on this trip alone I think it is well worth looking into an e-reader and since the iPad weighs in at $499 for the 16gb wireless version I cannot really see myself buying anything else.

In addition to the e-reader, improved visibility to the browser and fat-finger friendly keypad the gaming was pretty slick and I think will only get better. This thing could quite easily replace a kindle, an iPod, a PSP and a number of other products so the investment for me (after they work out any kinks) is inevitable. I would love to deny it, but the thing is great and all of my concerns went out the window once I had a play.

The potential for this thing (especially with graphic design) is pretty huge and if Adobe is smart the ability to draw on this thing like any of the Bamboo vector drawing pads could be a huge money maker if Adobe launches some light versions of Photoshop and Illustrator.

Don’t take my word for it though, next time you’re near an Apple store take the time to play with one and see for yourself. They should be available in the UK in the next few weeks though rumour has it that they will be more expensive.


21 Mercer Nike Sportswear

21 Mercer St.

Any footwear lover must make the obligatory pilgrimage to their local havens when visiting a new city. 21 Mercer was a no brainer for this sneakerhead. Located on Mercer St. (shocker) right in SoHo and surrounded by a number of other streetwear and skateshops (APC, DC shoes, etc) this is a must see and serves as the flagship of Tier 1 Nike owned and operated specialty stores. This store served as the mold for the 1948 shop in Shoreditch and is a bit of an icon within the streetwear community.

That said, the experience wasn’t quite what I expected. The 1948 store is filled with knowledgeable sneakerheads who know ever release date and can probably tell you ever sneaker ever made by Nike. 21 Mercer was nice and had better decorations and lightin than the 1948 store but it just didn’t have the same vibe. It felt considerably more corporate and despite a seriously dope bleacher setup inside to display the dunks the stock and local feel just weren’t there.

The nail in the coffin? Don’t head to 21 Mercer if you’re looking for Jordans. Whilst the 1948 store is one of the few remaining tier 1 stores in London and (after some shenanigans at NikeTown during the Yeezy release) the only shop that get’s the super premium releases 21 Mercer directed me to NikeTown or House of Hoops to get my Jordan fix. I’m not saying I’ve got anything against either of these locales but come on! Whatever happened to a good old fashioned one-stop-shop?

 Michael Jordan by Shepard Fairey

 Jordan Blue and White by Shepard Fairey

Well, as the image above may have told you, the highlight of the NBA store on 5th Avenue was definitely the artwork and the memorabila. Perhaps none more exciting than a signed print (edition of 50) by my favorite artist, signed by the greatest basketball player of all time from his glory days at my alma mater. In addition to this Shepard Fairey gem the NBA store was filled with tourists, basketball jerseys, signed balls, retros and just about everything a basketball might hope to find. Signed Jordan’s? Check. Signed Lebron posters? Check. Retro Bird jersey? cheeeeck!

The only negative thing i would say about the NBA store (aside from the fact that it is a zoo) is a general lack of options for the personalised jersey selection. Sure they had jersey’s from every team in the league but they seem to be missing out on the proverbial “long-tail” of the basketball market. No Magic Johnson retros? No Charles Barkley retros? No Ty Lawson jersey… bummer, and I was just about to spend some money!

What they lack in variety they certainly make up for in quality. They had both the Shep prints available signed and as much memorabilia as the hall of fame.

 Meerkat Manor

It’s a stuffed me! 

Having been accused of looking like a meerkat on more than one occasion meant that taking this photo was a no-brainer. Equally, so was a trip to the Stuffed Animal Manor of New York (FAO Schwarz). Ever since watching the movie “Big” trips to FAO Schwarz have been an absolute must to satisfy the big kid in me. Whilst most everything stays the same at FAO Schwarz (big stuffed animals, fake Harry Potter Wands, etc.) some things get cooler and cooler. In addition to the normal selection of toys for big kids and little kids alone, FAO Schwarz has one-upped the “make your own” toy market in a big old way. Offering the opportunity to create your own “Muppet What Not” (basically an extra on the Muppets show), you can create your own character from hundreds of different options and watch your Henson-style puppet come to life. I know I’m not the first to notice this and have seen some pretty RAD muppets on the Wonder Web.

The “experience” will set you back about $100 but it beats the hell out of the same ol’ “handmade teddy bears” that every other kid (big or little) can get a hold of.

Approach to Heathrow

And the return home to foggy London town. After a great week it was time to head home. A bit frightening
when you realise just how close you are to the other flights coming back with you…


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Why Do Women’s Shirts Button the Wrong Way? – Clothing Myths and History

Recently, the question (which has always bugged me) as to why men’s and women’s shirts buttoned on opposite sides was answered from an unexpected source. According to Steve Clayton, of Geek in Disguise this can be traced back to the fact that buttons used to be quite expensive and, as a result, could only be afforded by the rich. Because a rich lady never had to button her own clothing, the buttons were placed on the “wrong” (or opposite) side because they were buttoned for them and thus simpler to be buttoned by a person facing the woman.

buttons on women's shirts

“Come along Cinderella, I haven’t got all day!” (image: tranquility)

Now, this runs contrary to the story that we had been told previously, suggesting that women’s shirts button the right way and it is actually men’s shirts button the “wrong” way for a similar reason. This version of the story assumes that women were expected to button a man’s shirt for him and thus, placing the buttons on the opposite side of the shirt made this easier for the woman to button the man’s shirt.

The original side of the story reported by Clayton has been echoed by Yahoo, at least insofar as the fact that such a narrative exists… though Yahoo is similarly tentative to suggest that this is the corrrect version of the story. According to Yahoo, the answer dates back to the Victorian era and the opposite alignment of buttons was said to have been done to make the dressing of wealthy women simpler for their (traditionally) right handed servants, whilst men traditionally dressed themselves.

A further explanation, provided by Benjamin Dover (this is not a Simpson’s joke- proof here) suggests that men’s buttons were made to model the way in which armour was fastened whilst womens buttons were made to more easily facilitate breast feeding with the left breast (thus keeping the baby closest to the heart).

Finally, though consistent with the story reported by Yahoo and Mr. Clayton, a slightly different answer was provided by a website dedicated to answering stupid questions. The answers provided on this site are consistent with the “servant” narrative, however they point out the fact that traditionally women’s shirts have been much more likely to button on the side or the back. Thus, regardless of whether their servant is buttoning their clothing for them, someone else would have to and this would facilitate that process for the right-handed world.

While there remains no definitive answer, the overwhelming evidence would fall in favour of Mr. Clayton’s argument and I will be forced to point and laugh at my nay-saying friends and say “Hah! I told you so.” Now, thanks to our tireless research, you too may answer this question with multiple sources to back you up… and we can all agree that this tradition now seems little more than an outdated norm.

Well, now you know. And knowing is half the battle!

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Jeremy Scott Mickey Mouse – Adidas Originals by Originals

 Jeremy Scott Mickey Mouse Adidas

Warning… do not wear to local playgrounds (image: hypebeast)

Well, if there was any doubt about Jeremy Scott’s fascination with cartoon characters (see the Jeremy Scott Flinstones post) and ability to make footwear that is really out there (please note his previous winged shoes for Adidas)… his most recent work for the Adidas project featuring “Originals by Originals” has further set Jeremy Scott’s fascination and originality apart when it comes to footwear.

These lovable little kicks should be available at finer Adidas stockists everywhere on April 1st (and no, this is not a joke) for a cool $180.

It’s hard to argue with something that is so far out there… these are the sort of kicks that, much like their winged predecessors, if you can pull them off– you’ve got to have them.

Mr. BAPE Grows a Mustache

Really nice to see that A Bathing Ape (BAPE) is trying to grow along with its audience.

According to reports from Highsnobiety the brand is looking to grow its collection and appeal to the aging hipster audience. BAPE has teamed up with fellow Japanese label “United Arrows” for this collection that will take over the United Arrows store on March 25, 2010. The collection goes by the name Mr. Bape and a more distinguished Bathing Ape character (complete with a moustache) adorns the new promotional materials.

Mr. Bathing Ape BAPE Moustache

It is refreshing to see BAPE expand their horizons beyond £70 t-shirts, oversized hoodies and patent leather sneakers to include some grown-up apparel (suits, dress shirts, and real leather shoes).

Examples from the collection can be seen below. Clearly the mustache (moustache) shape is showing a clear influence in this collection. Check out the detail on the loafers for further proof. Below images courtesy of United Arrow.

BAPE United Arrow Suit

 Bape’s first suit. “Mr.Bape”

Moustache Shoes Bape United Arrow

BAPE’s first shoes for grown-ups. Mr. BAPE

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