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Wu Tang Announce UK Tour Dates (Including London!)

In an absolutely massive announcement, the mighty Wu-Tang Clan have just announced a number of upcoming UK dates. This is billed to be their first tour of the UK in the last four years and without a shadow of a doubt tickets will disappear quickly so be sure to act fast (the HMV venues in London are very small and with the amount of time people will have been waiting for this you can count on a near-instantaneous sell-out)!

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (April 15, 2011) through HMV Tickets and will likely be on sale through other outlets such as Ticket Master and Seat Wave (no doubt after these tickets sell out).

The full Wu Tang Clan (including a special guest appearance from Young Dirty Bastard – son of the late, great ODB) will be travelling across the UK starting in London and ending up in Birmingham on the following dates:

  • London HMV Forum – Saturday 11 June
  • London HMV Forum – Sunday 12 June
  • Birmingham HMV Institute – Monday 13 June
  • Edinburgh HMV Picture House – Tuesday 14 June
  • Manchester Academy 1 – Wednesday 15 June

In addition to the full tour you can check out GZA who is touring solo and will be appearing in Highbury & Islington on Tuesday, April 19 next week. Tickets are still available to that gig through HMV’s Ticket Office.

Image via: BBC/Getty

Jessie J – Who You Are – Live in New York (Boombox Series)

Very much in a similar vein to the Concerts a Emporter (the takeaway show) the fine folks at Giant Step and Arcade 44 came together with the increasingly popular London starlet Jessie J for an impromptu live show in the New York subway. Jessie’s debut album “Who You Are” was recently awarded platinum status in the UK and her hits Price Tag and Do it Like a Dude have really torn up the charts.

Jessie claims to really enjoy the idea of live performances such as this as it allows for an honest reaction. She likes the fact that people can cheer or leave, stick their fingers in their ears, etc.

She doesn’t have to worry too much about people not enjoying her voice – with over 2 million views in just over 2 months for this video alone – and unlike several of her contemporaries Ms. J truly is a talented performer. Enjoy the video, check out the rest of her music and be sure to cop her album if you are so inclined.

Bliss n Eso – Addicted

The latest video from Bliss n Eso (an Australian hip hop group based in Sydney) for their song Addicted is a masterpiece for any lover of street art and underground culture.

The video is said to have taken over three months (from start to finish) and was created using over 2,000 images and stop-motion animations. All of the graf was done by Deus and Askew One and used over 300 cans. The technique utilised multiple layers and cascaded out from the original pieces of art.

The painting itself took approximately six days of near round-the-clock painting in a warehouse in Auckland, New Zealand. For a bit more information on the project have a watch through the below video.

The trio comes from an ecclectic background (one American, one Moroccan and one Aussie) released their first album in early 2000 and have been working their way up the charts since then. Their most recent album Running on Air has received high acclaim from many Australian hip hop listeners and has been described as a career definining album for them.

We’ll have to withhold judgement on the full album but the video gets two thumbs up!

Daft Punk Derezzed Video [Tron:Leagcy]

We all know it’s a given that when a new Daft Punk music video comes out we’re going to post it… but when it also happens to be another trailer for the new Tron: Legacy movie, well we’re sort of left with no choice. Enjoy the beats, the beautiful scenes and the glory that is Tron and get excited for the soundtrack and score which is meant to be done entirely by Daft Punk… siiiick.

Coachella Music Festival – Beautiful Video

This has to be the best advertisement for a music festival I’ve ever seen. Ordinarily when I think Music Festival, I think: portable toilets, rain, drugs, massive debacle. This video however, makes the whole damn thing look absolutely beautiful. The thing is shot from such an angle and speed that seems like some wonderful combination of stop-motion and claymation and the set-up of the event is breathtaking.

We are still a good six months out from next year’s Festival but keep your eye on this page for tickets and updates on the line-up.

The festival has historically brought outstanding acts from the likes of: Band of Horses, Girl Talk, Paul McCartney, Leonard Cohen, TRV$ DJAM, Jay-Z, DeadMau5, Passion Pit, Grizzly Bear, Temper Trap, Tiesto, XX, B.O.B., Deerhunter… and on and on and on is always a sure-bet to bring the goods in terms of big names and if this video is any indication it is also pretty much guaranteed to provide a good atmosphere. This guy may just have to start looking for flights for the 2011 edition!

Ok Go – White Knuckles

Ok Go has been well known and well received for their uncanny ability to one-up themselves with each new music video they’ve done and most of them have been filmed in one take (a pretty incredible feat).

The latest video features a bunch of tricks with dogs and I can’t say it’s as inspired as the Rude Goldberg machine music video from their last track, but “White Knuckles” is head and shoulders above what most other musicians are putting out in the way of videos lately. And it makes you wonder what on earth their label (EMI, Capitol) was thinking dropping them- surely their lackluster record sales could be compensated for by monetizing their YouTube channel?

This video was on 735 visits when I saw it last night and overnight it’s up to half a million… not bad for a group of independent musicians :)

Enjoy and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments!

Internet Culture Meets Pop-Culture

Ladies and gents, today it is my distinct pleasure to share with you a combination of my two loves: mash-up music and internet humor. Evan Roth took just about every great animated .gif the internet had to offer and made a music video to some Girl Talk beats off of Night Ripper.

Enjoy this masterpiece in all of it’s glory. If you’ve never heard Girl Talk, his music should be appreciated in its own right so you can check out Gregg Gills’ (aka Girl Talk) myspace page to have a listen.

In the meantime, have a look and a listen to this video for the first animated gif music video, some fresh beats and some lulz. Enjoy!

Video originally found on Gizmodo.

Terratag Pop-up Shop at Vibe Bar

This weekend we’ve got another sale/opportunity to cop some of the freshest streetwear in London. Our friends over at Benjart are teaming up with Japanese art and toy company Terratag. As has become the custom for this sort of even there will be some giveaways for the first folks in the door so don’t sleep. The event will be over at Vibe Bar on Brick Lane this Sunday (August 22) from 10AM-6pm so get on over there for some daytime drinking, quality DJs and some new threads!

Looks like this event should have a bit more of that hang-out feel than Off The Radar as the venue should permit for more drinks. See you down there!

Daft Punk Replica Helmet [Interstella 5555]

Every now and again we find something that truly needs sharing and today is the day. Atlanta based “replica and prop designer” Harrison Krix spent approximately 17 months designing this fully light-up version of Guy Manuel’s helmet (as per the version used in Interstella 5555). Krix built the entire thing from scratch, taught himself how to create functioning circuitr, chromed the thing out and even went to the trouble of making the rainbow lights custom as well. The video below will give you the instant-gratification of the job he finished just this week.

The video may show the process but I think this image truly captures the beauty of the finished product.

There are no words that can help understand why someone might go through all this trouble to create a replica, but I don’t care. The video is thoroughly entertaining and the final product is unbelievable.

Unfortunately, Mr. Krix has made it  quite clear that he will NOT be producing any more of these beauties. Sometimes if you want something done right you’ve just got to do it yourself. What are you waiting for? Get out there and build one for yourself! I bet you Thomas’ helmet would be a lot easier to make though.

Drake x Coldplay – October’s Very Cold [Mixtape]

Well I genuinely didn’t think this tape was going to warrant a post. The first track is a bit slow and the quality just doesn’t seem to be there. But the tape literally gets better and better with each track.

October’s Very Cold

More in the vein of “The Grey Album” than mash-up in it’s current format (see Super Mash Bros. and Girl Talk) this album combines some of Coldplay’s most memorable tracks with Drakes lyrics from a number of hit songs. Although the first track is pretty poor the tape picks up steam with Say Something pt. XY and reaches its greatest heights mid album with the genuinely moving “Money to Fix” ft. Birdman & Lil Wayne (mixing “Fix You” by Coldplay and “Money to Blow” from Drake).

Other tracks not to be missed: “Forever La Vida” “The Best Strawberry” and “The Fly Scientest”

Be sure to grab your free download over at The Leak and be sure to grab Drake’s latest album Thank Me Later on itunes.

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