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Nike True City iPhone App

So, Nike has just released an iPhone application designed to help you get a better lock on your city (or any city you’re visiting for that matter). The app can be totally personalised and allows you to update and add your own favorite haunts in your city. The above video offers a pretty clear explanation of how the app works and also has some great insight to the London sneaker scene (a view of some galleries, the famed Nike 1948 store, Brick Lane, and a load of other places you might go to watch kick obsessed hipsters roll by).I would freely welcome any reviews of the app for London or any other cities so leave your thoughts in the comments section!

The Hood Internet Has Still Got It

The Hood Internet – Crazy Hold Out (Nicki Minaj x Washed Out) by hoodinternet
Another super enjoyable track from the Hood Internet. Hood is known (typically) for their mash-ups of indy and hip-hop music. If their newest tracks are any indication, looks like 2010 will be another good year for these two DJs from Chicago.

Music for Haiti has partnered with some big names on some really great tracks in an effort to raise money for disaster relief in Haiti. Please share the player and download and donate if possible… also, this is a perfect example of a time where pirating is simply not cool. Give what you can and enjoy the music. The Lupe Fiasco featuring Kenna track is particularly great.

Skate or Die

This video truly brings the concept of Skate or Die (arguably the best video game of all time) to life. Directed by Spike Jonze and Ty Evans, this video called “Heaven” from the film Fully Flared released by the Lakai skate team in 2007 is one of the greatest portrayals of skateboarding as art. Please watch with sound and in high-def if possible. Thanks @TomCritchlow for the link.

New Blog to Follow – Lineage of Influence

Color Influence

A warm welcome to Lineage of Influence to the men’s fashion Blogosphere!

I wanted to just pass on the info because Lineage is writing about of things that interest me, he generates some good quality, thoughtful and original content… and to be quite frank, he writes about a lot of stuff that I would be writing about if I had as much time these days.

Keep an eye out for Lineage both through his blog and on Twitter (@the_inside_out) for some more London based input on streetwear, mens fashion and kicks

skate or die

Of particular interest for young designers is his “influence” section of the blog dedicated to different inspirations (colors, tones, textures, etc.). Hence the dope picture above. Check him out!

Images Via: Lineage of Influence


New Tee for the New Year!

Just a heads-up, the second release from Crockstar should be coming in the next few weeks. As always, the print will be done on ethically sourced t-shirts and will be strongly influenced by internet sub-culture. I’m afraid I can’t (ok, won’t) reveal any more at the moment but will definitely keep you updated!

Divorce can be messsy…

The license plate on this benzo reads: “HE O’DME” classic. Via: Meg

Probably my Favorite Blog

He doesn’t post very much, but I am quite sure that David Thorne is my favorite blogger of the moment. In addition to the post that was referenced on the old blog during which a businessman illustrated to a client –through pretty pictures (though not as pretty as the ones in my most recent post)– the likelihood of doing a favor for the client.

Welp, Thorne is back at it again, this time answering all emails as if he were a Magic-8 ball… pretty much classic.

Small taste:

From: Justine Murphy
Date: Wednesday 4 Feb 2009 8.14pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: Tree frogs ppt

Hi David, you forgot to send the attachment on your last email. Can you send it again please?

From: David Thorne
Date: Wednesday 4 Feb 2009 8.51pm
To: Justine Murphy
Subject: Re: Tree frogs ppt

You may rely on it.

From: Justine Murphy
Date: Wednesday 4 Feb 2009 9.15pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Tree frogs ppt

Ok. Can you resend it to me then please?

From: David Thorne
Date: Wednesday 4 Feb 2009 9.26pm
To: Justine Murphy
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Tree frogs ppt

Without a doubt.

From: Justine Murphy
Date: Wednesday 4 Feb 2009 9.44pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tree frogs ppt

???? Did you attach it?

From: David Thorne
Date: Wednesday 4 Feb 2009 9.51pm
To: Justine Murphy
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tree frogs ppt

Don’t count on it.

From: Justine Murphy
Date: Wednesday 4 Feb 2009 10.27pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: ?

Are you fucking with me? Just attachment it ass hat.

To read the rest pop over to his blog.

Rory Sutherland on Tiger Woods and Accenture

I know this is a bit old but I have ruined the joke enough times in trying to explain it to people I thought I would post Rory Sutherland’s wonderful Management Consulting/Economic analysis of why Accenture should have hired Tiger Woods rather than fired him:

“Why on earth has Accenture dumped Tiger Woods?”

Surely Tiger’s decision to outsouce sexual services to a range of competing providers is in line with Management Consultancy’s established best practice?

Previously he had been tied to a monopoly Scandianvian supplier – with the cripplingly high social costs this usually entails.  Moreover, given his wife’s age, it is possible that she was on the brink of becoming a depreciating asset who needed to be moved off the balance sheet as soon as possible.

Admittedly he could have off-shored more – to girls from low-wage economies. But the arrangement where he could have anything from nil to three girls on call at any one time allows for better load-balancing, enabling him to handle the peaks and troughs of demand better than under the previous inflexible arrangement. By sourcing girls locally, he was also reducing distribution costs and helping the environment…… while allowing him to adopt a best-of-breed approach to sexual delivery, rather than depending on a single source.

iPhone Controlled Helicopter

Absolutely filthy. Check out Parrot’s iPhone controlled copter.

Via: Recombu

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