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Google Nexus One Officially Launched

The website to buy yours is up now: (image is from there): Will be unavilable in Europe until Spring (as seen on screenshot below). They are unable to sell T-Mobile service plans through their website so if you want that you’re going to have to probably go in store or check the T-Mobile site a bit later.

I will try to post a full review (and cover any surprises that did or did not happen at the release) tomorrow morning!

Nexus One Screenshot

Top 40 of 2009 Mash-Up

I was definitely a fan of last year’s mash-up by DJ Earworm for the top 40 pop hits… and still undecided about this years. But while I mull it over you can have your say as well (thanks Petermen).

Most Popular Crockstar Posts of 2009

1. Merah London Club Opening – The clear winner (though I never would have guessed it) with almost ten times as many pageviews as any other page on the site was this post about the opening of a new posh club. My ticket in the door was a result of my old company doing the design and branding for the club. Have a look:

Image via: Artistic License

“Well, the opening of yet another “super exclusive” club seemed to go off without a hitch last night. Merah — a new club over by Oxford St. (on Wells St. to be exact) — opened its doors to the public for the first time last night. In addition to the typical cast of d-listers (former X Factor stars, comedians, boy band members, etc), a full paparazzi, and free booze galore the club boasted a couple of solid DJ sets (atop an absolutely stunning deck), a nice design, friendly staff (particularly for this type of place) and the type of predominantly young/beautiful you might expect at this sort of thing.Of course these are all the steps one would take for an opening, but it did seem a little bit “off” as their real target clientele seems to be less the youngsters spending Daddy’s oil money and more Daddy spending his own hard-earned scrilla while on an international business trip. Going forward Merah will have a tough decision to make as to whether they would rather aim for the d-lister/football crowd (and all the groupies) that frequent a place like Boujis and spend money like it ain’t no thing, or whether they pursue their proclaimed niche of SUPER exclusive gentleman’s club (and no I do not mean ‘the rippers’ here).

Tough call but will be interesting to see whether they “stay the course” of caviar and £120,000 bottles (not exagerating) or opt for trendy cocktails for £15-20 for the young and beautiful.

All in all, a great night out and a strong opening. The bionic finger-printing system used for the coat check was nothing short of class (and made for a much smoother/quicker process as well)…”

2. Behold… The Apple Tablet – This page didn’t receive nearly as many views but it is interesting that not a lot has changed since the early speculation in August. Apple looks set to unleash this beast (now called the iSlate) later this month (according to Gizmodo)… many of the specs and the price range appear to be quite similar to the predictions made when I dropped this post in August:
Absolute Fire… the wait may finally be over! Apple has been working on a tablet for some time now and though it could “change at any time” it is rumored to be basically like a “giant iphone”. The screen on the mock-ups is 10″. Early figures are coming in at $700-$900 and it will come in two editions (one for education and one with a webcam). Gizmodo did not publish the code name under which this project is being worked on but claims that the first prototype emerged in 2008 and that they have been working on this concept for 4-6 years.

Look for the official release coming as early as this fall!

Via: Gizmodo

3. Drogba Does Something Cool – This post wasn’t anything special, but I suppose the mention of a superstar (Didier Drogba) doing something that a lot of people needed/wanted answers to is what generated the popularity of this post:

I was trying to figure out why on earth Didier Drogba was wearing red laces in his boots at the Emirates this weekend as Chelsea demolished Arsenal (3-0). I saw him pointing to the boots after the match and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why… well now we know.

Nike and project (Red) have launched the laces as a fundraiser/awareness campaign and Drogba as the (Nike)RED global ambassador was just doing his part. The launch took place at the Nike store last night and featured many famous footballers (Arshavin, Dempsey, Joe Cole, etc.) and everyone’s least favorite do-gooder (Bono).

The laces are available at the Nike Store as well as at NikeTown, London (presumably they will be available at other major sports outlets as well). For the full article hop over to Nike Football.

Hopefully 2010 will bring many enjoyable posts for all to read! I’ve really enjoyed doing this so will definitely try to keep things fresh this year. Thanks for reading!

Best Album of 2009 – Mumford & Sons and Jay-Z

While Jay-Z bounced back with another classic album, he has gotten a great deal of attention for this release and sold his records. I’m proud of the man and it was a great album (and very heavily anticipated) so nothing to take away from him but I’m going to focus on the Mumford and Sons album “Sigh No More” produced by Markus Dravs.

Mumford & Sons are a relatively new band and have only been playing together since 2007. With the help of Dravs (who previously has worked with the Arcade Fire and Bjork to name a couple) the four young men from West London got together to record this, their debut, album.”Sigh No More” is captivating from start to finish. Every single track is extraordinarily enjoyable and it may well be the only album I heard this year that I could listen to all the way through without picking a favorite track or tiring of the album all together. It is rare that you can find an album that can be enjoyed as an album and is not just a collection of hit singles. In trying to sum up the sound, perhaps it is best to leave the description to them: “They create a gutsy, old-time sound that marries the magic of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young with the might of Kings Of Leon, and their incredible energy draws us in quickly to their circle of songs, to the warmth of their stories, and to their magical community of misty-eyed men” (

If I were personally to try to articulate their sound it would go something like this: Mumford & Sons combine the soulfullness and depth of vocals of the likes of Bon Iver or Ray Lamontagne while combining the depth of a large group like the Arcade Fire, down-home sailors anthems that rival Great Big Sea, bluegrass beats accompanied by chilling harmonies, and rhytmic crescendo’s that feel a bit like a massive musical orgasm.

Mumford & Sons produces a sound that may not be everyone’s cup of tea (and is unlikely to be incredibly popular among the demographic most likely to enjoy this blog), however, the album absolutely warrants a listen if you haven’t yet heard it and as AN ALBUM I would even give it the edge on the Jigga’s impressive collection of club bangers and chart toppers.

We are talking about different genre’s here, but with “Sigh No More” Mumford & Sons have produced as good a “blueprint” for future generations of musicians as Jay-Z has released since 2001.

Check out Mumford & Sons website and enjoy the hits. Let’s hope 2010 provides an equally successful and exciting year for both Mumford & Sons and the Frank Sinatra of Rap.


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