So, whilst having a drink with a friend the other day over by Pop-up Pirates we noticed a group of hipsters playing with aluminum tarps across the road at a gas station. We only assumed it would be some sort of art exhibition, squat party or something else bordering on awful.

However, as it turns out… the final product is nothing short of a work of art in and of itself- and it provides reasonably priced cinema within walking distance of my house so who are we to complain. My hat is off to the folks behind this project and I’m looking forward to checking out a film there ASAP. I will be sure to post a review once I can get a ticket to the bloody place!

The picture doesn’t quite do the place justice, but the chairs are handbuilt out of wood, they’ve gone with a classic marquis and the silver tarps previously mentioned serve as curtains to help you forget you’re in downtown London. You may have to watch out for splinters but this is a masterstroke of architectural repurposing!

Next time you’re in the area definitely check it out:
The derelict petrol station,
100 Clerkenwell Road,
London, EC1M 4RJ