This has to be the best advertisement for a music festival I’ve ever seen. Ordinarily when I think Music Festival, I think: portable toilets, rain, drugs, massive debacle. This video however, makes the whole damn thing look absolutely beautiful. The thing is shot from such an angle and speed that seems like some wonderful combination of stop-motion and claymation and the set-up of the event is breathtaking.

We are still a good six months out from next year’s Festival but keep your eye on this page for tickets and updates on the line-up.

The festival has historically brought outstanding acts from the likes of: Band of Horses, Girl Talk, Paul McCartney, Leonard Cohen, TRV$ DJAM, Jay-Z, DeadMau5, Passion Pit, Grizzly Bear, Temper Trap, Tiesto, XX, B.O.B., Deerhunter… and on and on and on is always a sure-bet to bring the goods in terms of big names and if this video is any indication it is also pretty much guaranteed to provide a good atmosphere. This guy may just have to start looking for flights for the 2011 edition!