Pance Party are an elecPanceQuotetro trio who have had some big success with a number of their tracks and remixes. They are regulars on the charts over at The Hype Machine, a site dedicated to the most blogged about artists.In addition to their chart topping bangers (most successfully their remix of The Presets’ Kicking and Screaming), Pance Party has been sharing studio space with the likes of Journey, Bloc Party and Phoenix in their 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse-cum-sick pad in San Francisco. Along with friend Sticky K the gang have formed the “Super Best Friends Club” in their HQ  which is fast becoming a hangout for designers, artists, musicians and all sorts in the Bay Area.

In case you missed the first part of the interview we posted yesterday, have a quick read through of the first part of Crockstar’s exclusive interview with Pance Party. In addition to finding out a bit more about the guys behind Pance Party we got a clear look at some of their influences (based on their responses to “what is the song of the moment?”) and a better idea about what makes these guys tick.

Without further ado, here comes part deux of the interview, buckle your safety belts!

 How long have you been doing what you do?

Eric: That’s an interesting question to ask a musician, but I’ll do my best to answer. Pance Party will have its first birthday on Jan 31. So about a year.

Andy: We’ve been doing it just long enough to not have life-shattering drug addictions… but hey, hopefully we’ll get there.

What got you started doing this?

Swardy: College. A new found appreciation for dance parties fed a craving to write and produce music. Electro was the perfect fit.

Andy: Our mutual love of puppies, three-part harmony, and the Taco Bell dollar menu.

Lil Jon Has a Pance Party

Who are some of the people you admire within the music industry?

Andy: Our favorite producer right now has to be Wolfgang Gartner, but we all have raging music boners for Siriusmo and SebatiAn.

Swardy: Mostly just Skerrit Bwoy. But if I had to name others… I’d go with Fake Blood for his elusive sound (and identity). **

I know you were at one point talking about having a European tour (I think at one point we were even talking about coordinating it with the official launch party of the line before I got seriously delayed)… still hoping to conquer Europe?

Swardy: Ya see, here at Pance Party HQ, we have a common dream: meeting folks from every walk and gauging their facial response to sternum shattering electro. While european gigs are plentiful and clearly appropriate, these days we find ourselves wondering: how will the children of inner mongolia react to wretch-worthy bass lines? Does that make sense?

Andy: Well we just signed with Miles Dyson’s Plasmapool label in Germany, so we’re getting excited about a European tour happening soon. Other than that, we’re planning a big EP release tour across several Chevy’s Mexican restaurants in the midwest.

Eric: Yeah, hope to move the Pance Party to Berlin in the near future actually.

What are your big goals for 2010? You had a pretty successful 2009, what would you like to improve upon this year?

Andy: Our number one goal is to score an endorsement deal with Subway Restaurants. Their combination of great taste and value has been the number one factor in our success so far.

Swardy: Festivals festivals festivals. We just booked SXSW and we want to keep that snow ball rollin.

Eric: I like to think of 2010 as a huge mega-anteater, but instead of eating ants, he fills himself full of Pance Party music. Basically i want to provide that giant anteater with some purchasable music.

Expert On Anteaters Wasted Entire Life Studying Anteaters

What was it that made you decide to take the plunge and make this a career move rather than just keep playing music/performing as a hobby?

Andy: Raging egomania and a sociopathic avoidance of normal workplaces.

Eric: Well we’re pretty much guaranteed to get filthy rich from this right???

If you could get your work to one person who would it be and why?

Swardy: George Harrison. That guy was so freakin’ baller. I’d be really curious to know what he thought of our music. I think if he liked it I would jump a little.

Eric: I would like to go back in time and hang out with a bunch of cave men/women whilst listening to our new EP Kim Jong Thrill. They’d probably be like, “Ooooga Booooga!”

Andy: I think it would be pretty sweet for Kim Jong Il to actually hear our new EP “Kim Jong Thrill”. I hear North Korean parties are insane!

As the Crockstar line is all about being true to yourself: I’ve got to self plug while I’ve got a chance… what does it mean to you to be a ‘Crockstar’?

Andy: It’s like being a rockstar, except without the women and drugs. Because drugs are bad. Or so I’ve read.

Swardy: Being a Crockstar means… facing your challenger with the fury of the sun from Mario 3… and then taking ‘em out for a seafood dinner.

Eric: It’s like being a crotchety old rock star, but you still get the ladies :)

 Remix Cereal

Finally, free reign for a shameless plug in 60 seconds or less, GO!

Eric: If you buy our new EP and write down on our myspace wall that you purchased it, we will send you a special gift in the mail. (gift will probably come in the form of a picture of a funny animal)

Swardy: The Basics:
follow @panceparty

Andy: Buy our breakfast cereal!

**N.B. the lovely link above was provided care of Pance Party

Alright everyone! That wraps up this week’s interview, keep your eyes peeled for the new General Skills Re-mix Cereal from the gang over at Pance party. And, more importantly, listen to their music and buy their new EP (Kim Jong Thrill) when it’s released! I’ll keep you posted on dates as I hear ‘em.