This week we’ve got a special treat with you: an exclusive Q & A with one of the biggest up and coming electro acts… PANCE PARTY. Pance Party have been working their way up the circuits and been travelling and performing all over the US. If you get the chance to see them, definitely check them out!

Pance Party Mo's

We will have the rest of the interview up tomorrow, but we’ll whet your whistle this morning with the rapid-fire section of the Q&A, and tomorrow unleash a fuller look into the messed up world that is, Pance Party.

First I asked the gang (Andy, Eric and Swardy) to describe themselves in a Twitter sized biography. Apparently they missed the memo because this thing is a good 67 characters over, but what’re you gonna do?

Ranging in style from brain-blowing bass ballads to hyper-crushed dome scorchers, Pance Party provides enough raw sonic energy to turn even the most negative Nancy into araving lunatic on the dance floor.

On to the RAPID FIRE questions…

Who are the coolest people you’ve toured with?

Eric: Probably Maroon 5. That tour in ’98 was insane!

Swardy: Sticky K, Valerna

Andy: Definitely NOT Valerna.

Who would you most like to tour with?

Swardy: Miles Dyson!

Andy: Chester French! I hear they get lots of women… and drugs… even though drugs are bad. Or so I’ve read.

Eric: I agree with Andy. CF.

Andy: Having Capcom give us a shout out for our “Final Fight” themed video for our remix of Chester French’s C’mon was pretty sweet.

Eric: Playing to 1500 people at the Yale-Harvard ball on Yale’s campus was fully ridiculous. The room we played in looked like the dining commons at Hoggwarts, but BIGGER. Those Yale folks really pulled a one up on those bastards in Harry Potter land.

Favorite flavour of ice cream?

Swardy: Bi-Rite Salted Caramel!

Andy: What does “flavour” mean?

Song of the moment?

Swardy: Lazer Sword – Koopa Boss Mode

Andy: Umek – Slap

Eric: Talking Heads – “This Must Be the Place”

Favorite designer?

Swardy: Casey Gray

Andy: Bugle Boy

Eric: Crockstar!

Bugle Boy Denim

Image via: OnceUponaWin

So, that’s all for today! I think we can safely assume that Eric was full of shit on that last question, but a compliment never hurts when you’re getting some free publicity. Click here for Part II of the Pance Party interview. In the mean time, rock out and give ‘em some love over on the famous Hype Machine and try not to break Youtube watching the hilarious Chester French video.