Well, as you know, we here at Crockstar are a bit obsessed with the forthcoming Tron film. We are also a bit obsessed with bikes, and techy-shiz… so it’s not surprise that we’re pretty stoked on these Cyglo tires (tyres for you Brits).

If you’re looking for your opportunity to feel like you’re riding a light-bike around town and don’t have the cash to dish out for one of these, then you may want to get in early on these babies.

These were originally built with safety in mind but they are seriously fresh in their own right… and they’re a bit of a design feat as well.

The tires have LED bulbs with motion sensors built right into the wall of the tire. You can set them either to flash or to be permanently on… oh and did we mention that they generate their own power?

The level of interest has taken Cyglo by surprise but what this means for us consumers is that these are almost guaranteed to make it to market. If and when they do, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Keep up the good work Cyglo- the future is upon us.