Every now and again we find something that truly needs sharing and today is the day. Atlanta based “replica and prop designer” Harrison Krix spent approximately 17 months designing this fully light-up version of Guy Manuel’s helmet (as per the version used in Interstella 5555). Krix built the entire thing from scratch, taught himself how to create functioning circuitr, chromed the thing out and even went to the trouble of making the rainbow lights custom as well. The video below will give you the instant-gratification of the job he finished just this week.

The video may show the process but I think this image truly captures the beauty of the finished product.

There are no words that can help understand why someone might go through all this trouble to create a replica, but I don’t care. The video is thoroughly entertaining and the final product is unbelievable.

Unfortunately, Mr. Krix has made it  quite clear that he will NOT be producing any more of these beauties. Sometimes if you want something done right you’ve just got to do it yourself. What are you waiting for? Get out there and build one for yourself! I bet you Thomas’ helmet would be a lot easier to make though.