Yesterday’s post about the Canadian Tuxedo really got us thinking about how fashion, like history, tends to repeat itself. After a great deal of thought, the Crockstar team has compiled a list of five trends that we are happy repeated, five trends that never EVER should have come back, and five trends that we hope are gone for good! Check back for the next couple of installments!

Five trends that never should have left:

Pipes- A man who knows how to smoke a pipe is an absolute legend. It isn’t easy to pull off, but it certainly is a classic.

Obama may be the Mesiah, but Gerald Ford makes his smoking habits look downright wimpy. (Image- BBC)

The Outdoorsmen- 2009 saw a rebirth of “manly” hunting and outdoors clothing. This is a good thing. Many men dabbled in wearing pink shirts and all the rest, but at the end of the day nothing says “I’m a man” better than a flannel shirt and some L.L. Bean boots.

If I could grow a beard you know I would (image via SartoriallyInclined)

The Don Draper- the customes in (and inspired by) the television programme “Mad Men” are another example of a classic. Well made suits, slick hair, and incredible tailoring.

 “You’re lucky you’re not a woman…”(via HillaryGardner)

Sailor Jerry Tattoos- It may be a bit of a “hipster” thing to do now, but sailor jerry tattoos have always been classic.

“Ukelele Kid Ain’t Got Shit on Me”

Suede Elbow Pads- Just because your grandpa had them on his cordury jackets does not mean they aren’t still cool.


 Howard Moon would kill for this… (etsy)