This is another follow-up to the initial post now simply referred to as “we hate double denim” – a post so groundbreaking that it created a new economic theorem and gave birth to what we hope will become an official course offered at universities in the future: Fashionomics 101.

While writing up some of these lists we realized there was another phenomenon worth looking into. What about the trends that have been hot over the past few years that were total flops? Here’s our list (in order) of trends that really get under our skin and we hope will go away and never come back.

1. Kany West’s “Shutter Shades” -

Although the annoying nature of this particular trend really needs no explanation, it is worth highlighting how impractical these things are. They make you look like a tool, so please, go ahead and take them off.

When the lightbulb rose above Kanye’s head everyone hoped he had finally got the fishsticks joke… unfortunately he had an idea. (Damar)

2. Uggs -

Sorry ladies (and misguided gents), we really don’t care how comfortable they are… wearing these in Malibu doesn’t make any sense and theycost way too much to not make sense. Good riddance, go away all ready! It really is no coincidence that the words “fuggers” and “fugly” have evolved. Hmmm.

“Stay the fUGG out of Malibu, Lebowski!” (lspoon)


3. The Palestinian checked scarf -

We all have had enough now. It was fun while it lasted and even the likes of Colin Farell was known to rock one of these from time to time. Your time is up, please put out your torch and leave.

“How do you like my new scarf?”
“Wellll… it’s, uh, checked… so it’s got that going for it”

4. The “choreographed wedding entrance” -

Ok, so this isn’t EXACTLY a fashion trend, but it needs to go. We’ve all seen enough of these on YouTube. They can be good, but it’s played out now. Time to give it a rest. It started with the Love Actually trumpets thing and as soon as it moved to divorce videos it was one step too far.

 Divorce Video

Nothing says “I hate you and I want a Divorce” like a Chris Brown video/song/assault.

5. Counterfit bags, shoes, etc. -

We’re very much over the “status symbol” handbags. If you want something nice (and you can afford it) buy it for the quality, not for the label. There’s nothing ethical about the way these are made and if they really are “so similar to the original” the print, pattern or design on the bag or item should not matter… so just buy an equally priced no-name bag. The only counterfits worth having are ones that look like this…

OMG! Is that a real Mulberry bag? Their designs are soooo cutting edge! (UK Resistance)


That’ll cap off a week’s worth of sarcastic venting. We hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to share you favorites in the comments section below.

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