While the space race may be over, and optical mice may not be the most cutting edge in technology, these little guys are pretty bad ass. For the finest in Russian technology, look to Alestrukov. These mice are pretty serious from a design perspective and the technical specs aren’t so bad either. There’s really something quite beautiful about old school materials and craftmanship meeting new school technology. I’ll be waiting for them to come out with a wireless version myself… but it the meantime, feel free to grab yourself some of this exotic wood for a few schillings (625-900€).

While I cannot attest to the ethical nature of the production, I can certainly attest to the quality of the design. The pieces are all constructed from a single piece of wood and are available in a range of the finest mahogany (cue Ron Burgundy) or ebony.

Each mouse takes anywhere from 3 months to a year to construct (given the natural dying, drying and coating of the wood), are produced from a “sustainable” process (at least according to their website), can be built for either right or left-handed users, offer volume control and are guaranteed for 5 years.

It’s not a small investment but it is a beautiful little conversation piece.

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