Thanks to Chung Chung Lee (desinger along with Hwan Sung Park) behind A. Hallucination the new London based menswear label that launched earlier this week at the Korean Cultural Centre. Chung has provided us with some higher quality images of my favorite two garments from the show: the duffel vest and beige cape. Chung is off to Paris in a few days for the Lie Sang Bong show and Paris Fashion Week (which, I am gutted to say, I will not likely be able to attend).

As it turns out, in addition to churning out one of the best menswear collections I’ve ever seen in two months, Chung is still working for one of the big names in high fashion. NBD.

Hopefully the higher quality images will give you a better idea both, of my favorite pieces, and the quality of the tailoring on the suits.

Duffel Vest 1

A. Hallucination Duffel Vest


Sleeved Cape 1

A. Hallucination Sleeved Cape


Duffel Vest 2

A. Hallucination Duffel Vest London Launch


Sleeved Cape 2

A. Hallucination Sleeved Cape London Launch

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