Ok, so perhaps the best thing that has come from the iPad reveal yesterday is this video (the ultimate quote being: “I wanted to watch videos of lolcats while laying on the couch! But no. They won’t even give it flash support.”), however the beast itself is pretty darned impressive. In an article on Gizmodo, the gang pointed out that Apple has not always been about stealing the market from everyone. It is not a question of converting Blackberry users. In a sense this is like preaching to the choir.So, basically the Gizmodo gang is saying that if you have all the latest toys (an iPhone, a netbook, a hardwired machine at home, a kindle, etc.) there isn’t really much that this machine can do for you. As Hitler points out, it can’t make phone calls, it hasn’t got a camera, and it doesn’t support flash. It doesn’t multitask… and let’s be honest, it’s awfully big to be carrying around as a music player.

That said, there are folks like me, and millions of others who may own some of these gadgets but not all. For example, I’ve held off on the Kindle for ages now because there is something impersonal about reading from an e-ink screen. I didn’t buy an iPhone because I love Blackberry too much and because after being scorned so many times with iPod updates (i.e. the coolest one ever (!!!) coming out 3 days after you finally take the plunge, you know, the one with 3x as much memory, a video player, and half the cost?) I couldn’t bear the idea of a cooler one coming out and having just missed the boat. And, I haven’t bought a netbook because I didn’t REALLY see the point since I’ve become more interested in design lately and don’t love the tiny screen and keyboard.

That said, for me (and I’m sure millions of others out there) this has just created the perfect storm and come at just the right time. And perhaps, the price tag (starting at $499) is well under expectations and pretty darned good for such a cutting edge product. Do you remember how much the iPhone cost when it came out? A couple of hundred AND you needed to buy a plan. I think I’ve heard estimates that the first batch of iPhones cost folks around $1200 for the first year. And what does a new iPod touch cost? A couple hundred at least with a smaller memory and screen.

The opportunties here are really impressive: bigger/better games, hi-def YouTube videos, 3G option, etc. This may well be the device that makes Zmags and other “page turning technology” matter.

The biggest stumbling block in purchasing one, as a colleague of mine pointed out, it is awfully easy to talk yourself into the next price range and suddenly the iPad doesn’t look like such a deal. However, at $499 many people will be getting excited for iPad mania– even if it does sound like a feminine hygine product (and violate a number of copyright laws).

Final Verdict

Biggest Coups:

  • Cost (starting at $499)
  • Bigger Screen
  • High Definition Youtube
  • Opportunities for Zmags
  • Ideal market will be geeks with restraint (and will pick up the “gotta have everything” folks as well)
  • Interactivity
  • Opportunity for much better applications
  • E-reader technology
  • 3G Option

Biggest Fails:

  • Battery Life (nowhere near that of the Kindle)
  • No Flash Support
  • No Multitasking
  • No OSX
  • No Full-interweb
  • It still isn’t a telephone and it still isn’t a computer (hey, Hitler, it wasn’t supposed to be)