This is kind of a cool idea that I stumbled across the other day while browsing the wonderweb. I’m not entirely sure it is for me (and I’m definitely not going to be using it all the time so fear not) but it is sort of a more educated and engaging way of Twitter-speak. If you haven’t got much time to write about  something or have a habbit of being overly verbose (like myself) this is the ticket.

Hyperminimalism might be looked at in the fashion world as the “plain white tee” look but with a flair. I supposed it would be more like making a simple (but beautiful) dress out of plain white cotton. Or by wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around you to your next party (advice from Vivienne Westwood I picked up reading Stylist on the tube this morning).

An example of hyperminimalism (as I understood it):

“I have a tattoo. You know where.”

The idea is to leave a lot of blanks for the reader to fill in but also to create a level of interest.

“Sometimes shorter really is better.”

While these are not ideas that you would want to see taken out of context, they are quite fun. For more examples of hyperminimalism by someone who actually knows what they are talking about check out the UnpublishedGuy’s blog.