Very much in a similar vein to the Concerts a Emporter (the takeaway show) the fine folks at Giant Step and Arcade 44 came together with the increasingly popular London starlet Jessie J for an impromptu live show in the New York subway. Jessie’s debut album “Who You Are” was recently awarded platinum status in the UK and her hits Price Tag and Do it Like a Dude have really torn up the charts.

Jessie claims to really enjoy the idea of live performances such as this as it allows for an honest reaction. She likes the fact that people can cheer or leave, stick their fingers in their ears, etc.

She doesn’t have to worry too much about people not enjoying her voice – with over 2 million views in just over 2 months for this video alone – and unlike several of her contemporaries Ms. J truly is a talented performer. Enjoy the video, check out the rest of her music and be sure to cop her album if you are so inclined.