It seems a number of fashion icons are trying their hand at cinema these days. First Tom Ford had a smash hit with “A Single Man” and more recently German legend Karl Lagerfeld has launched this short called “Remember Now” to promote his latest collection for Chanel. The film itself is a bit slow but the scenery and the styling are certainly impressive.

Plus, it also offers a unique look into the life of the rich and famous in St. Tropez.

The story follows an older gentleman (Alexandre) as he takes a look back into his past in a strange sort of way by revisiting his “voyeuristic” past. Alexandre puts it best by describing youth as a “short-term lease, non-renewable” after he is welcomed to a young club as a “legend of St. Tropez”. Keep your eyes peeled for a special cameo from Mr. Lagerfeld himself as well.

The short is self-indulging by all means but it is a unique and very exciting way to launch a collection.

Have a watch and feel free to leave your comments.