As part of Bape’s newest collection (focussed on wrestling… which you gotta love!) they have introduced a new character to the Bathing Ape family. This man looks more super-hero than ape and it will be interesting to see how he is introduced to the collection. We’re not convinced by Apegon yet but we’ll see what sort of super powers he is capable before passing final judgement.

The topic for “professional wrestlers” and professional wrestling inspired t-shirts on the other hand is something we fully support. Here’s to hoping a Bape-o-Mania yellow and red tee is on it’s way!

Bapesta Wrestling Tees

The shirt will be released as part of the aptly named upcoming “Nigolden week” to celebrate the label’s 17th anniversary. The lead designer and founder of the brand Nigo will be on hand from May 1st-4th to offer a screen printing workshop and meet the adoring fans. The “Nigo’s workshop” event will take place at three different stores as part of the larger celebration for “Golden week” in Japan. Golden week celebrates “Emperor’s day” “Childrens Day” and the “Constitution Memorial Day” to celebrate the 1947 constitution of Japan.

Ultimately- the week can be looked at as a giant bank-holiday weekend and the Bape team will be pulling out all the stops in celebration.


We’ve yet to learn Japanese (slackers!) but hopefully if you are in Japan and thus likely to attend we hope you can read the below dates and location for the Nigo’s Workshop event.

Nigolden Week Nigo’s Workshop Schedule

 Image credits: Highsnobiety and Bape

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