Well, there are no words but “holy shit”… that day is finally upon us. There has been a lot of anger over the years about our distinct lack of hover boards and the fact that the future has really been a let down. However, one of the greatest most highly anticipated drops in the history of kicks may be coming our way in the next year or two thanks to the fine folks over at Nike.

Our friends over at Nice Kicks covered the patent request filed for the Nike Air Mag – a shoe that laces itself (yeah, I do mean shoes that have auto-locking/auto-lacing features you saw in the film Back to the Future II) over a year ago!

Well today, after receiving a call at midnight and being whisked out to LA on behalf of the Nike team it does look as though the wait may be a lot shorter than we had initially anticipated.

There is still no confirmed drop date but we will certainly provide any updates as and when we receive them. In the meantime, please watch the above video from a novelty Doc Brown account, read up on the release over at Nick Kicks, and get your money, tents, and sleeping bags ready!