Very little introduction needed on this one! For those of you familiar with the Trapstar brand you know your man likes to keep things a secret. And for those of you that have never been to one of the elusive London king-of-streetwear’s pop-up shops you are in for a treat.

Pay the Trapstar crew a visit this weekend over in Portabello (can’t remember the last time I saw Trapstar travel west of 1948) and take advantage of these deals. If you’re looking for the pick-of-the-litter best be there early to queue up. Sometimes Trapstar’s been known to give away freebies to the first few in the door (but as “it’s a secret” is the brand’s motto you didn’t hear that from me, ya dig?).

If you’re looking to get a deal and nab your first piece of Trapstar freshness then maybe leave it a bit late and see if you can cop any “everything must go” specials.

If you’re not up on Trapstar (and shame on you), you can also use this opportunity to grab some limited pieces from Stussy, Penfeld, Carhartt and the Hundreds. And that’s fine by me- more Trapstar goodies for the Crockstar crew.

Either way- make sure you check it out… Trapstar is quite possibly London’s best kept secret.