For those of you who have a bit of a thing for kicks the way we here at Crockstar do we’re always looking for new retailers and new opportunities to pick up kicks without having to spend a night sleeping outside. As a general rule, when I find a new stockist I tend to keep it to myself because with some of the drops that interest me, it’s pretty much hopeless to get anything in your size.

Fair play and many thanks to the likes of Crooked Tongues – who have been more than generous with their helpful tips on Twitter and even have tried to remind me to get in there before I miss out on another drop, but thankfully I’ve found another site as well and much as it pains me to share it, I met one of the guys who work for them this past weekend and thought it would be the right thing to do to share the wealth with any fellow sneakerheads in the UK looking for the latest and greatest.

Given that Sean and I had a good old chat over how difficult it is to find a good pair of limited run kicks these days at a conference that might otherwise have been quite boring I thought the least we could do is make you all aware of their excellent customer service. Unfortunately they have yet to add a filter on their navigation for the Tier Zero drops (currently it all defaults to show all) your best bet is probably to keep your eye on their section for Jordan’s as well as for any of the quickstrike releases Urban Industry gets as these two sections are the ones most likely to get the drops you’re looking for.

Oh… and as illustrated from the above image, every now and again they get some of the older Quickstrike drops that have been sitting around for a little while and get marked down massively.

Secret’s out now, so happy shopping!