Well, its seems that no one values our opinion here at Crockstar. After writing up a list of trends we hope go away forever, German “sunglasses brand” Mykita have teamed up with French designer Romain Kremer. Judging from his most recent collection Kremer is nothing if not eccentric (http://romainkremer.free.fr/RKSS10.html).

Romain Kremer Sunglasses UGLY

Not even skeletor could make these look cool… and we’re not talking about Lady Gaga in this case (High Snobiety)

Unfortunately it seems the craze started by Kanye West to create sunglasses that both serve little-to-no purpose blocking the sun and protecting the wearer’s eyes will live to see another incarnation. While many club goers will be sure to be wearing these hideous blinders at night (including Lady Gaga who is already guilty of such a sin) they can be presumed to have little value other than as an accessory. Well that, and we suppose, as a gladiator helmet to protect the wearer from the well deserved judging glares and items thrown their way.

All we can do now is sit and hope to God that these awful things do not get remade with British flags and sold in every market across Camden… and already we’re wondering if simply muttering such an idea will plant a seed in some fool’s mind.

Sigh, it seems only Nathan Barley could have predicted or made popular such an awful thing. Look out for these on the covering the tabloids and “trendsetter’s” faces in major cities everywhere.